February 29, 2016




Sister Allen

I made it through my second transfer

Hey folks!
So here's the news...I'm staying in Wellington, but my bestie, Sister Pattillo is leaving me for Cheyenne to be a Sister Training Leader! Although I'll miss her dearly, I know that's where the Lord needs her. Sister Pattillo and Sister Allen (my new companion) are doing a little flip flop. Weird huh!
Something cool about Wellington, our Stake President, President Foster, foretold that missionary work in the Fort Collins Stake will be recognized in the Wellington ward! And honestly I can feel it, the people here are so humble and prepared, it amazes me. The ward members are ever so willing to help out in missionary efforts! I swear it's the temple guys, great things are coming!!
This past week I've been working on having a prayer of faith, and how essential it is to have faith. If you don't think that what you're praying for is going to happen, will it? Probably not. I've been doing this exercise suggested by my wonderful mother:
Would you be willing to try an experiment for 30 days?
Daily kneel and thank your Heavenly Father for the scriptures. Tell Him the one question you most need to have answered that day. Plead to have the Holy Ghost with you as you read. Then open your scriptures anywhere, and read until you find the answer. Try it for 30 days and see what happens.
I'm on day 6 and every day the Lord has answered me, when we turn to God and put forth action, we will receive answers! "Faith without works is dead". When we pray to God and then look in the scriptures for our answers it shows God that 1.) We are willing to work for our answers 2.) Invites the Holy Ghost 3.) Allows miracles to happen.
I love you all. Turn to Christ and see miracles happen :)
Sister Larson


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