January 16, 2019





みなさん こんにちは! It's week 2 already. Time flies so fast. We were quite busy this week with our workshops and classes specially with our Nihongo evaluation coming up. Waaaaah! So here's my adventure this week:
FILIPINOS!!!I see a lot of Filipino missionaries here and other nationalities going to the Philippines too. It's so fun to see some familiar faces. It helps with the homesickness. HAHAHA I don't always have my tablet with me so I couldn't take pictures with them. I have one with Sister Lubiano and Sister Jovita though. See pictures below. 😁

I love JapaneseSo Japanese is getting harder everyday and I believe that if I love it enough maybe it will love me back. HAHAHA I know that learning a language is hard. I've lived in Vietnam for 5 years and still isn't fluent with the language. I'm getting there. Small steps go a long way. If you have any tips on learning the language please tell me hehehe I know Heavenly Father is watching me do my best in learning and I believe in the Gift of Tongues. The language will come. Think positive! Walang aayaw!
Relief Society Teacher'sThe way they choose who will teach in the Relief Society is so random. So everyone has to prepare their lesson and then the leaders will tell who will teach an hour before the Sacrament so you better be ready. Hehehe I think this often happens in life where we have those unexpected moments and sometimes don't know what to do so this experience teaches me to always be ready. Anyways, going back, my companion and I got picked to teach. Good thing we prepared. We planned to ask the sisters some questions that will lead to discussions. We taught about how to recognize the spirit and how to follow its promptings. The lesson went smoothly. I know that the Spirit helped us as we prepare and as we teach. This was such a wonderful experience.
DevotionalsI love Tuesdays' and Sundays' devotionals and Sunday Night Movies. This Sunday we had a new MTC Presidency so all of them introduced themselves first then gave their talks. Two things stood out to me.
1. All of the goods that are in our lives are because of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
2. You can take no credit for beauty at 16
But if you are beautiful at 60, it is your soul showing it.
I love these because the first reminds me to always be humble and be grateful of the gospel. The second reminds me of my grandparents whose souls are making them beautiful even more.We watched "The Adventure of Mortality" by Elder Uchtdorf for Sunday Night Movies. I love Elder Uchtdorf, he's one of my favorites. Many things from his talk stood out to me but only one touched my heart. I have been having quite a hard time learning Japanese so I was a little stressed these past few days and these words gave me comfort:
"In matters of the soul we must be more patient.
Eternal answers are priceless.
Receiving answers requires sacrifice, patience and work."
I was reminded that every important thing needs sacrifice, patience and work. This gives me motivation to study harder. I know the language will come. I have faith that Heavenly Father will help me.
How about you? How was your day? Your week? I would like to know how you are doing? Email me :) Love you all! 愛してます!
Love, Manalo Shimai
マナロ 姉妹 | Japan Nagoya Mission
PICTURES:1. My Japanese Flashcards2. The quote that my sister sent me. I put it on my wall to be my reminder.3. Sister Lubiano and I4. ICE CREAM <35. One of my favorite walls6. Me and Sister Jovita answering in class (Me struggling to write on my spot on the board hahaha)7. Me, Sister Jovit and her companion8. Me and my companion


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