March 1, 2020




Sister Quierido

Back At It!

Maayong Udto sa Tanan!

We are back in action! Sister Querido is a trooper and recovered on Wednesday from dengue. Heavenly Father must be feeling bad for us our something because we were given a lot of tender mercies. The 'eternal investigator' of our area is preparing for her baptism next Saturday. We were also looking for this less active family that lived in Labogon, but couldn't remember where they lived exactly. We saw this small road and it looked so familiar to me, so we tried it. When we entered the small road a little ways there was a member hanging up her laundry and said, "sisters! you're finally here, come teach my grandchild he just turned 8 and wants to be baptized" Both our mouths dropped open from surprise, and we started teaching David, her grandkid. We now have another baptism in 2 weeks for David who has been going to church past year with his grandma and mother (not yet member because she is not married).
Heavenly Father knows us and is soooooo aware of everyone of His children.

I also learned this week what it really means to minister. In the bible dictionary under minister it talks about doing the work of the Lord. We had a friend that just started weeping once we sat down with her and began to open up about all of her problems . My heart just aches for her, and I hope we were able to help her in some way. But, sometimes being a missionary isn't always about the stats or trying to fit another lesson in, or getting people to church. It is more important to be a Christlike missionary than to do more missionary things. We are the Lord's hands in not just sharing the gospel, but in lifting other's burdens.
I love you all. Also, to the fam! don't forget about your christmas presents! time is running out!

peace out!

Sister Ludvigson

1-You know it's hot when there is no mud in our area
2- finally made a puso
3-balay ni Maribelle
4-Lapok kaayo


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