February 17, 2020




Sister Quierido

The Struggles with Satan and Doorknobs!

kamusta mo?

Another week in the books. Here on the mission I have seen how real Satan is. He worked really hard on a lot of our friends and recent converts this week. It was actually low key really annoying. Because of this I thought more about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. He had told his apostles before death that the people will do what they did to them what they had done to Him. At our baptism we took upon us the name of Christ. That includes taking on persecution, it includes protecting His doctrine, and most importantly loving others for Him.
Elder Holland says...
:May we be more deeply committed to heartfelt care for one another, motivated only by the pure love of Christ to do so. In spite of what we all feel are our limitations and inadequacies—and we all have challenges—nevertheless, may we labor side by side with the Lord of the vineyard,13 giving the God and Father of us all a helping hand with His staggering task of answering prayers, providing comfort, drying tears, and strengthening feeble knees.14 If we will do that, we will be more like the true disciples of Christ we are meant to be."
I know this is one of the most important things Heavenly Father would have us do. He needs us to serve Him with all our heart and mind in all things.

Keep on going my peeps!

Sister Ludvigson
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