December 16, 2019




Sister Dianog

Scripture Power

Kamusta mga anak sa Dios?

We had a great week here in the PHILIPPINES! jam packed with awesomeness and the spirit. Elder Bangeter of the seventy came for our mission tour. He spoke so much about how much power is in the Book of Mormon. I have taken it for granted in my life. The word of God is how people feel the spirit and are motivated to act upon their belief, which then becomes faith.
He also spoke of how the Philippines is amazing! It is the spring board for the gathering of Israel here in Asia. 70% of members that attend church each week live just in the Philippines. I am so so so lucky to be called to serve these amazing people.
One of them is our friend Renato. This baptism was so amazing because this man really is a new person in Christ. He has changed so much and I can't think but how blessed I am to witness the gospel of Jesus Christ change this man.
Also, shout out to the Enriquez family. They worked with us and bought some clothes, curtains and other needs of some really poor members in our area. They just want to help people. It really brings the spirit of Christmas. This year, try to look for a family or someone that needs a little love and then ACT.
Wise words from my pop is that "It’s interesting to think all people have already chosen the gospel, they just can’t remember and need to do it again." This is the work of the Lord. Everyone you see and meet is a child of God that needs this gospel. So don't be afraid to let Christ's light shine through your examples, words, and actions.
Anyways. Thanks for all the prayers and support.


Sister Ludvigson
2-my main squeez Santa and Rudolf
3-Rainy season has begun! My umbrella also fell off the tricycle. Don't ask how it happened. But, on to #7
4-My peeps

*Lost one of my shoes in the rain. I took them off to enter a house (culture here) and went we were about to leave one of them was lost jud. So that was fun trying to get home with one shoe.


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