November 4, 2019





low key forgot it was Halloween

Kamusta akong mga gwapa ug gwapo amigos!

Unto okay ra kaayo mo! Kay nindot jud kaayo ang kinabuhi isip usa ka misionaryo!

My comp is going home in about a week. And I think I am freaking out more than she is. It scares me that I am only down to four months left in the field. If anyone is thinking about serving a full time mission. Don't hesitate and just do it. Best thing on earth!

I think my letter is just a shout out to the Filipino people! They LOVE to party, LOVE Jesus, and LOVE rice. Serving here in Cebu is defiantly a humbling experience. Sometimes I am embarrassed about the things that I have complained about. We are teaching a 14 year old girl that has been skipping school to clean a rich old ladies house so she can support her family. The last lesson she gave us two pairs of her shoes because she felt bad for how ugly ours were. haha. Then we went and did laba (laundry) for another young women who babysits her siblings all day because walay klaro her older sister, and her mom is abroad. We then went and taught another one of our friends who insists on feeding us as her grand kids watched waiting for their turn. We are also teaching some young men that miss church because they have to take their older brothers shift at work. These people give when they have nothing to give. We walk into homes with dirt floors, tarps for roofs and thin bamboo for walls.

But, I have watched these people love and serve others. They never complain. They love Jesus and their faith never wavers. While us in america freak out when our phone doesn't work, when their is drama on social media, when the air conditioning goes out. I just think of the verse in 1 Timothy 6:7-12 How blessed are we to have the gospel that gives us an eternal view of what is most important in our lives.

Much love,

Sister Ludvigson

2-Ryo got dunked
3-mama mary


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