October 20, 2019





Try, Try, Try

hello to my friends.
Every single day we see God's hand in this work. We meet people that He has placed in our path. We were visiting a member and her friend showed up. So, we asked if we could share with her. We shared about how the gospel blesses families and she just started crying in the middle of the lesson. I don't think she really knew why she was crying, but I know it was because she was feeling the spirit. We also visited another member with a friend prepared for us and on the first visited asked if she could be baptized. Power kaayo!
I know that the Lord helps those that are working in His vineyard. He knows us, He loves us, and wants to help us. I love this quote from President Eyring from nov2018 conference, "Brothers and sisters, the Lord has opportunities near you to feel and to share His love. You can pray with confidence for the Lord to lead you to love someone for Him. He answers the prayers of meek volunteers like you. You will feel the love of God for you and for the person you serve for Him. As you help children of God in their troubles, your own troubles will seem lighter. Your faith and your hope will be strengthened."
I know this is God's work and the greatest thing we could be doing.
Much love,
Peace be the journey.

Sister Ludvigson
1- Nicole, nabuyangan na!
2-Sister Jones. my home-G from my frist area
3- I'm sure this breaks mission rules, but I went all Tarzan for a moment
4- Members took us to some sketchy caves up in the mountains this morning. Still alive!

All I can think is funny is that I got kind of stuck in the cave and no one helped me but just laughed. We called our land lord because our water wasn't working (there is a pump we have to turn on) and she was like, "well did you turn the pump on" and we were like "of course we're not stupid" and then we went and checked and we actually never turned it on. So, I guess we are stupid. We also had a weird dude that was friends with everyone. (not really) and was trying to get us to ride is motorcycle so we could teach him, and we was like ya my wife and kid died and he was ranting about Jesus and love. So then, I asked him what was the name of all his 'friends' (just random people around us) and he got all awkward and distracted so we left. I also, bought apples that were way overpriced, because I couldn't find the price tag. I'm still a little mad about that you can get 4 apples here for 60 pesos and I bout 4 for 174 pesos.


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