October 14, 2019





General Conference

Maayong hapon!

Of course I have to rant a little about General Conference because I wouldn't be a missionary if I didn't.

Almost every talk mentioned or spoke of God's temples and our covenants. Being on the mission and not being able to go to the temple makes me grateful for the sacred holiness of the temple. How lucky are we to live in a dispensation where we have temples readily available to help us make covenants with our loving Heavenly Father? If you do not already have a regular schedule with the Lord in His temple I invite you to make one now. If we are to withstand the adversaries attacks we need to be as close to our Heavenly Father as possible.

I also loved President Nelson's talk. It was a surprising topic because in the states we don't think much about our tithing and fast offerings. But, here in the Philippines. I have seen first hand poverty. The people here are just happy if they have a little rice in their mouths everyday, if their children can go to half a day of school, if they have walls for their houses (which most don't). I don't think I have yet met a filipino that has complained about their living circumstances. They just happily go about their lives. Then, I have seen faithful members pay tithing and fast offerings with the little money they have. This commandment is sacred and ordained of God to bless his children and to build His kingdom. If at times we feel down and that we are not doing enough just think of the good your tithes and fast offerings are doing.

Much love,

Sister Ludvigson

1-This is how everyone gets water
3-Bridge of death. Also, that is how most houses look like here

We came home to a nice surprise last night. Some one dumped a dead dog in our front yard. Our neighbors informed us and we have been looking for it, but we think they buried it with a bunch of weeds. So our house really stinks right now. But, it's all good.


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