September 29, 2019





Hello To My Fans

maayong buntag to all my fans!

Another day in paradise. The Philippines has a celebration called family week! So our war partied it up with games, food and karaoke. And let me tell ya, Filipinos know how to party.
Our highlight this week was our missionary fireside with the members. We are so blessed to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. There are times when I am hesitant to talk to a person, but then I think that thought is from Satan. Sometimes we are scared to share our testimony, or invite someone to church because it isn't normal. But, our Savior suffered more than we can imagine. He has only asked of us to follow His commandments and to share the gospel. That is all our Savior has asked of us. President Uchtdorf's last general conference talk gives us five ways to do missionary work. May we open our mouths and little more, and I hope the gospel will become such a part of our lives that it is difficult for us not to talk about it.
This is the work of the Lord. We are blessed to be living in these times and it is our duty to share this gospel. I invite everyone that reads this letter to pray for a missionary opportunity and then act upon the promptings Heavenly Father gives you!

peace be the journey,

Sister Ludvigson

1-classic Philippines
2-Lkya, Junel and their babies gabriella and Isabella. After we processed their marriage papers!
4-Mericado (where they sell produce, and fish)

While we were helping Lyka and Junel with their marriage papers everyone was asking if we were the ones getting married. ummmmm... nope, not yet anyways.


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