September 22, 2019





Bunyag Bunyag Bunyag!

Bunyag Bunyag Bunyag!

I love the work of the Lord. There are defiantly some times when I just want to eat a rib and lay on a couch. But, then I think of how blessed we are to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.

We have one new friend who has so many questions. Mostly her concerns are answered through the Plan of Salvation. We are so blessed that we have this plan from God centered on our Savior. It has everything figured out. From a baby dying early, not getting married, someone without the chance to receive the gospel, broken families, anything you can imagine God has a plan for it. A fair chance that we can all receive exaltation.

I want to share about brother Jordan. Looking back now I see all the miracles that led to his baptism. We found him by walking past this lady, then going back and talking to her. Then Bro. Jordan came out from his guard shack and started listening. (miracle #1) . Then, we couldn't find his house and it was getting late. So then we just thought to wait for him and maybe we would see him. And what do you know he passed by (miracle #2.) Turns out he has been wanting to become a member of this church since 2010 and the first lesson and first prayer he asked Heavenly Father if they can get baptized. (miracle #3.) He also overcame smoking and alcohol in 5 weeks (miracle #4.) He also has been absent from work and giving up his pay for every Sunday since we have met him, mind you these people are poor (miracle #5). I could keep going on and on.

Hope this email makes your day and realize how blessed we are to have the Plan of Salvation and priesthood in our lives.

Much love,

Sister Ludvigson
1- Jordan & Ahslee Binabaye
2-Princess Gaban
3-And Basahon Ni Mormon


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