August 5, 2019





Heaven is Real

Hello my people! It is a great day to be alive and a missionary in the Philippines! Letecia got baptized... barley. Sister Oclarit and I got a text from the bishop four hours before the baptism saying that Letecia was backing out. So we began our fast, and fasted that Heavenly Father would help her out. Then we went and talked to her... Come to find out she was just shy and didn't want everyone staring at her and her giving a testimony. So this is a testament of how real Satan is, but how real Heaven is.
We also found a golden investigator this week! Jordan and his daughter Ashley have been so prepared and came to church yesterday. All I can say is that Heavenly Father feels bad for me, because I am opening an area and training. I'm not sure how many times on my mission, but every time someone is a week or two away from being baptized Satan works really hard on them. Our friend Onyx is having some doubts about his baptism. But, it was defiantly God's timing and plan that we talked to him when we did. Satan is working hard that we are not happy, but Heaven is working harder. How blessed we are to have the Holy Ghost to help us along the way.

1-sick view
2-Letecia. Bunyag, Bunyag, Bunyag!
3- Another great view

Fun week. With lots of surprises. My trainee lost two permanent teeth. She cam up to me crying, and I just started laughing. I now call her toothless. She isn't a fan of that. But, we spent quite a while in the dentist's office. Also we got locked out of our apartment compound. And it was late and dark and we were too tired to walk another mile back around to the main entrance. So, we hopped the fence. When my comp got at the top of the fence she started crying because she got scared. And I started laughing again (some trainer I am.) But then I hopped the fence lickidy split. It wasn't sketchy at all. Anyways. that was our exciting week.


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