July 24, 2019


Bohol, Loon



An Answered Prayer

kamusta my fellow human beings!

Well life is going pretty okay. I was praying for the bed bugs to go away and Heavenly Father sure answered my prayer. just not in the way I expected. I am now white wash (opening an area) and training. So... please pray for me. This is not a joke. Even though at first I thought it was. I have been transferred from Bohol and am now back on Cebu island. Lilo-an 3rd ward.

We have already been seeing many miracles though. Some less active families have already returned after one visit with them, and we have a baptism aug. 3! So Heavenly Father must feel bad for us or something. My home slice Dip Dip (in Bohol) got baptized yesterday. (I don't have any pics because I got transferred right before the baptism)

During my personal study I was reading about Nephi. When he was commanded to go and get the records from Laban. He did not complain, but just prayed, kept the faith and said 'I will go and do the things which the Lord has commanded.' So far that is my game plan. Sometimes we have to do hard things. But, Heavenly Father will always be there to help us out if we keep the faith and try our best. I testify that we have a loving Heavenly Father that knows us and loves us and knows what is best for us. Life is good. and I love being a missionary. But, please send prayers this way!

Much love!

Sister Ludvigson

1- My trainee- Sister Oclarit
2- Bye Bye Loon, Bohol. Kristel Gonio and her family
3-Rachel Almolata and her family

I guess my funny story is that I am a trainer now. jokes. people here (in this area) are used to seeing a white chick walk around. So we were walking down this busy street and this teenage boy yelled "hey" at be really loud. All his buddies were kind of a laughing. So I yelled "hey" really loud back at him and then told him good morning and have a nice day in Bisaya. Then everyone on the street started laughing, they loved that i gave it right back to him. haha. And then they were all like.... "wow she knows Bisaya." Any ways I now have a lot of new friends here in Lilo-an.


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