June 10, 2019


Bohol, Loon



And the rains came down and the floods came up!

amusta my fellow beings! It is a great day to be a missionary in the Philippines.

While I have been in this area my love for the work has grown like a fair pig. I love the people here. We are getting ready for a few baptisms coming up, which is exciting. It has also been pouring rain everyday. So the cooler weather has been nice. I've been sporting the pants.

This week I have really been thinking about the hand of God in our lives and how we can be an instrument for Him. During the mission my mind set of 'oh, it was just coincidence' has changed. Ya'll should read elder Brooks talk from the new General Conference about Heavenly Father always being with us. He is so aware of us and our needs. He know what experiences we need to have in order to return to Him. Also, I have been reading up about President Monson. His legacy of listening to the spirit and serving and loving others for Heavenly Father. I have been trying to listen more to promptings so I can love and serve others for God. The Filipino people are naturals at that. Getting on and off the bus people give up their seats for others, or help with bags. People ALWAYS offer their food to strangers when they pass by. They are just happy to have what they have and to give to others. I think we could all be like the Filipino people a little more.

Keep up the good work. Much love!

Sister Ludvigson

1- dead star fish. And yes, my eyes are always closed in pictures
2- Comp #5
3- P-day! We went on a little hike, which was pretty neat


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