May 5, 2019


Bohol, Loon



Punted to another planet


Another week in the books. Crazy how time flies. I always forget what happens throughout the week because it all blends together. But, a tiny miracle we had. We had a rough day. None of our return appointments happened, and our back-up, back-up plans. So, we tracked and even then EVERYONE was turning us down or hiding from us. We ended up in the neighborhood of a less active member, which we ended up visiting. She gave us all these reasons and struggles of why she wasn't coming to church. I didn't really know what to say, so the spirit defiantly helped. I testified about the atonement of Jesus Christ and that it is still a commandment to come to church and partake of the sacrament. I thought it made her a little mad. Then, (drum roll, please) she came to church with all her kids! It just helped my testimony that God's hand is in every aspect of this work.
Loon is still as beautiful as ever! and we have a new family we are teaching that I am excited for. And we are getting ready for Princess's baptism this month! Life is great in Bohol! I love the Philippines and the people!
During my personal study I was reading more about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He is the only person that could accomplish the Atonement. He had to live a perfect life, even though he was tempted (probably more than we can imagine.) In pre-mortal life we had to have faith in Christ that we would and could pay for our sins and over come death. How lucky are we that we have a Savior and chose to follow Heavenly Father's plan? I love this gospel!

Love you all,

Sister Ludvigson

1- another great view! I guess the sunset and trees are pretty too
2-Princess! (my hair is crazy here)
3- Tricycles his is how we get around everywhere, even on the High-way)


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