April 15, 2019




Sister Jones

Dr pepper, pants and conference ya’ll


It hasn't been too long since my last email. I wore pants for the first time this week, which was kind of hot, but so liberating. I forgot how much I like pants. Also, we finally got to listen to general conference this week! And of course it was awesome. A lot of talks about the atonement of Jesus Christ, and trusting in our Heavenly Father.

Got news that I am transferring, but I don't know were yet. So we have been enjoying that last week of having four Americana's in the house. We have a riot, but we also work ayaw kabalaka mo.
This week we had a friend come to church, Anne. We were teaching her for a while and she wasn't really progressing so we dropped her. Then we received a referral and tried to contact the referral and called and talk to the referral a few times. Long story short, she ended up being the referral. So, we went back and started teaching her again and she came to church! I've never been so excited for someone to come to church!
We had a cool experience with Shawn, the dude that took us three times to find. We were following up if he prayed to know it is true. And he said "well, ya, of course it is true, because I was praying before for a sign and help", (at this point sis. Jones and I look at each other thinking "oh no") And then he said, "Then you two showed up and that was my answer." So that was a pretty spiritual experience. To be a servant in the Lord's hand for an answered prayer.
It is so cool to see the Lord's hand in this work. And in our everyday lives! If we are living righteously He will direct our ways. I love this quote from Oct. General conference, Elder Eyring "You can pray with confidence that the Lord will answer prayers of humble servants like you."

Peace be the journey,

Sister Ludvigson

1- A member bought us Dr.Pepper and Cinnamon rolls. We were all crying because they don't have either of those here in the Philippines. it was a historic moment
2- Kenjie! he is getting baptized next transfer
3- Christine. She is so cute and I'm gonna miss her and wish she would just accept the gospel! ahhhhh!


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