April 9, 2019




Sister Jones

Temple trip


We had a busy week. Ulan jud kada adlaw. I took three showers everyday because it is so humid and hot here. We went to the temple today and did a session which was so awesome! Ahhhhh I just love the temple. You can forget about worries and just feel peace. It helps me keep an eternal perspective.

We haven't gotten to watch general conference yet, but I'm sure it is awesome. This is my last week in Mandaue and then I transfer. Time sure flies. We had a crazy experience with one investigator. My previous companion and I met him and spent a while trying to find his house but couldn't (because there are no addresses in the Philippines), then a few months later Sis. Jones and I met this little girl that says her dad is a member (turned out to be his sister), then we received a referral from the other sisters in our ward (turned out he was the referral). Needless to say we finally found him and he now has a baptism date for next month. So that was pretty cool. Heavenly Father knew we were struggling and figured He will help some clueless missionaries out.

Life is good in the mission field. Sister Jones and I still continue to laugh at each other. And people still think I am a dumb Americana. But hey, they kind of right.

Much love, The church is true!

Sister Ludvigson

1-Great view (yes, me, I am the view)
2- tan lines for dayzzzzz
3- Temple Trip!

We killed a giant spider. Then later that night Sister Jones dreamed a spider crawled on her and woke up at 12 am and spent 30mins looking for the imaginary spider in the middle of the night. I woke up gave her crusties then went back to sleep. I don't remember any of it.


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