April 1, 2019




Sister Jones


Kamusta my fellow people,

Honestly I don't remember much of this week because it has been so hot. We are pretty sure we got heat stroke on FRIday. (haha pun intended.) My recent convert continues to call us at least three times a day, we burn at least one meal a week, and we meet some pretty interesting people. So, not much has changed here in Mandaue.

We have been 'punted' a lot, but we just keep the faith to find. I started reading the Book of Mormon from the start again. I love that book. But I was thinking how insane it was that the people of Mosiah were able to find the people of Zarahemla and help them out and find the lost records. It was just another testament that Heavenly Father's hand is in all things. If we try our best to live righteously he will direct our lives. I've also started to write one tender mercy or miracle that I see each day (you should all do this.) When we feel lost we can take courage in knowing that there are miracles everyday.

Sister Jones and I haven't killed each other so that is a plus, I'm still alive despite riding on tricycles everyday (there is no sense of safety here. I think my mom is sending me a helmet), and I lost may camera. But we are still going strong.

peace be the journey,

Sister Ludvigson

1-Pinoys! (I always feel special and famous here everyday)
2- Sister Jones and I don't trust any of the parlor shops here so....
3- I didn't now there were so many ways to cook rice.

We were trying to call our nest appointmet so we were standing off the side of the road. This pinoy man (who looked like Mr. Miagi from karate kid) came up to us trying to speak English, and asked us if we had a problem. My companion was on the phone. So I answered him in bisaya that we were fine. Of course he was surprised that I knew bisaya. Then, he continued to ask is we had a problem. "no, we're fine." He said, "Good because I don't have a problem if you don't have a problem." We gave him a picture of Jesus. He gave us two thumbs up made a weird "Yeeeee" noise and then walked away.

We also had a member hide from us. Even though we could straight up see her. So, that was interesting. Also met a man that believes in Judaism and wanted to show us his temple and voodoo stuff. So that was weird.


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