March 25, 2019




Sister Jones

Drunks and Australians


We had Zone Con this week which was a blast and always a good motivator. It was fun to see some old companions and other missionaries. We talked a lot about The Plan of Salvation. What a blessing it is to know that we chose to come to earth and accept Heavenly Father's perfect plan for us.

The Philippines is still paradise, even though it is very very hot here. I'm pretty sure I take like three showers a day. One in the morning and night with soap, and the other during the day with sweat. We taught one family this week that is so cute! I just want them to be baptized already. It is an amazing feeling and spirit after sharing the Restoration and about The Book of Mormon and just having people accept it so fast and be so prepared by God to receive it. AHHHH! I just love this gospel.

During my personal study I studied Elder Uchdorf's talk to the young single adults, the one were he discusses about the painting and seeing the big picture. You should all read it. But I loved this quote from him, "You just need enough faith for right now." If we are living righteously and trying our best and just have faith then everything will work out because we have a loving Father in Heaven. He knows us perfectly and wants what is best for us and worries for us so we don't need to worry about the future. Just focus on loving and serving others right now and everything else will work out. I have really seen this on my mission because everyday is a surprise, but we just keep rolling and trusting in God.

Much love, Peace Be the Journey,

Sister Ludvigson

1-nindot nga view!
2- great view again. ;)
3- Sister Dina and her fam bam. pinays are so cute!

Well, we taught a drunk man a lessons. He was actually really receptive so it was a bummer when we realized he was drunk. But, he loves the word of God so it is all good. I didn't realize he was drunk and was confused when Sis. Jones ended the lesson short, then he told us he was drunk and I connected the dots, just a little late.
We also have a drunk Australian friend that wanted us to have a sleep over, and barbecue and see his fish.
I also have had a lot of "squirrel" moments. Sis Jones always makes fun of me because it will be in a middle of a conversation with her and then I get distracted and stop replying. Some things never change


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