March 10, 2019




Sister Jones

6mo. Down and yes, I have rice cheeks!


Not much to write about this week. Brother Danilo (recent convert) is still going strong and preparing to become a member of the seventy. haha. He is so converted to this gospel. He has been searching for a job and finally found one. But, his boss found out he was baptized into the 'mormon' church and fired him the next day. Bro Danilo was still smiling though.

We were 'punted', as my mission president says, quite a bit this week. We have been struggling to find progressing investigators, but it's all good because Sister Jones and I are companions for one more transfer!!!!!! say, what? We thought for sure I would be transferred.

Our apartment is now very white and very American. The one Filippina transferred and we now have four very white sisters. It is kind of funny because we all speak, or try to speak, Bisaya (Cebuano) to each other, when English is our native language. We have a lot of 'slang' (accents) happening in our house.

Summer is on the way here. So it is very hot and humid here. But it is good because people feel bad for us so they let us in their houses. When the find out more about what a mission is they are always so amazed that we left or school and family to come here. When you look at it from a worldly perspective it is a big sacrifice. But because we have an eternal perspective it is just a great opportunity. In the Come Follow Me booklet there was a section that talked about being a disciple of Christ. Being a disciple of Christ means following him in every way. Even if we have to sacrifice things we love. It is difficult, but that is how we become converted and because we have an eternal perspective, it is okay. Like Bro. Danilo we can just keep smiling.

Peace be the journey,

Sister Ludvigson

1- no transfers!
2- trampoline place for P-Day, we only jumped for 30mins and were sweating buckets. We are a little out of shape
3- Pizza Hut for the win! real American food and the only restaurant that didn't offer rice, haha. Don't mind the weird white man in the background. just a testament of how American this place was


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