February 10, 2019




Sister Jones


Kamusta my fellow humans!

Just another day in paradise. The hot season is coming and I can feel it. My comp and I are a bunch of white girls that try not to become fried lobsters, but with no success.

lots of great experience this week. Brother Danilo is continuing to progress. He is so excited for his baptism in march. He always says that Sister Jones and I are his angles. I mean we are white like angels, but that is about it. Honestly I feel like I didn't really do anything, just attempted to speak Bisaya, Which come to find out yesterday that the first few lessons and encounters with Danilo he couldn't really understand what I was saying, haha. And here I thought my language was improving. It is totally all the Lord's hand though. It has been great to see the tender mercies from the Lord each day and His hand in this work.

Danilo is progressing so much because he has friends that are members. I have been studying lately in 3 Nephi and many times it repeats "Angels ministered unto them." When we minister to others we are essentially doing what angles do. The name for the new program was definitely inspired. Our goal in life is to develop the Character of Christ. Which essentially is ministering. It is following the First and Second Great Commandments. This world and everyone in it could use a little extra love. I just want to repeat a line form a letter my wise old man sent me. "If not you, then who?" "If not now, then when?" I know if we pray for opportunities to share the gospel and minister that God will answer prayers of his humble servants.

Much love, keep being awesome,

Sister Ludvigson

1- ZONE CONFERENCE we received a little chastisement, motivation, and good food from President Maughan
2- I realized I didn't take any pics this week so we snapped a quick one while walking out the door.
oh boy... we had a pretty funny week.... I guess that is what happens when you are exhausted all the time.

During our lesson with Danilo I was trying to say "we nee to keep the commandments." The word keep in Bisaya is 'hupot', but they say their Ts differently than Americans do. So I said 'kinahanglan ta maghupot sa mga kasugoan", and Bro Danilo was like "wait, what?" with a worried tone. And I was confused because I thought my Bisaya was right. Anyways. My comp clarified for me. Then for language study we looked it up. Turns out maghupod, with a D, means to get naked. So moral of story is I need to work on my pronunciation.

We have been hard at work. And so tired all the time! One night Sister Jones was saying the companionship prayer (it was really long by the way and really late) and I totally fell asleep and started snoring too. She said 'amen' and there was no 'amen' from me. So she looked over and saw we knocked out and started laughing, which woke me up. If that isn't a testament of how hard we work I don't know what is!


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