January 24, 2019




To mom

yep that guy is the one who gave me the priesthood blessing. he is awesome! we will try to have more fun on p-day. The Mandaue area does'nt have much to do on p-days besides shopping malls which we go to every week. I do need to loosen up. I tend to do that when I get stressed and have a lot on my plate. I get tight and don't act quite like my spunky self. haah. That is a great pitcure of tyra. I did'nt get to see the dedication so I have no clue about the philippino american thing. Fillilppinos all look so different. There are like either really white ones, really dark, and then some that look mexican its kind of weird. I know that kid that shalee is engaged to. I can't remeber his name though! I think he is from hurricane maybe? Idk I remember meeting him though. Jeff, my bud from college is getting married too, and Tay has her mission call. It is so weird everyone is either on a mission or getting married. Like what the heck! when did we all grow up! We find out tomorrow where everyone is being tranfered and then she leaves early Wwednesday morning. I'm just excited for a fresh start. The first 3 months have been pretty difficult. A lot harder than I ever expected. But, it really is awesome being a missionary. Our ward has been progressing. It's nice to feel like I am making some difference. We've been having some less active families comeing back to chruch. The investigator section is struggling. There is one boy Nino we really hope to baptize in the next two or three weeks. He just has to come to a few more sundays of church. The other American Sister Kartchner was sick this week. so we rotated days staying in the house with her. We had some fun playing uno together and making fun of the district (missionary viedoes we have to watch). It was nce to have a day to loosen up and not worry. Much love! miss you lots and thanks for praying and sustaining me! I really have the best family and home town and friends ever!


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