January 14, 2019



Elder Holland

Kamusta my people!

Well, Elder Holland gave a broadcast to all the Philippines this week which was awesome! Elder Holland is basically Yoda, but called of God. He talked about that there has been no other dispensation in history charged with preparing the church for the second coming of Jesus Christ. We have a big job and work to do. If we are just worshiping for 2/3 hours a week, I'm pretty sure that is not what Jesus Christ expects his church to look like. We need to be disciples of Christ in all things, all places, and at all times. We are charged with a big job and duty and need to rise to this higher, holy way of worship. The Come Follow Me program for families and individuals is awesome! Please use it!

My main message I want to share today is about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. As a missionary we teach repentance to all people, but we are also not perfect (though I may look like it, jokes). We really are dust of the earth, but by the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can receive remission of our sins. By our faith we can be healed and slowly become perfect as God and Christ are. One of my favorite chapters in The Book of Mormon is Alma 5:26 "have you experienced a change of heart.... can ye feel so now?" Are we always relying on and thinking about Jesus Christ?

I know my Jesus Christ is the Messiah and Savior of not just the world, but on me. With out Him there is no hope, and no forgiveness. We are so lucky to have a loving Heavenly Father, and a redeemer. the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is true!


Sister Ludvigson

1-Bahak (flood) the kiddos always play around in the rain
2- our dinosaur phone. I totally have no clue how to use it. It's been a struggle.
3- Jorellio family, members with some none member friends! Filipinos love to take pictures haha!

Funny stories,

Being punted- normally people here are so kind and willing to listen for a short minuet or two. Anyways I had Testified a small maybe 3 or 4 sentences to this lady I was sitting next to in the bicycle. She was nice and our conversation was pleasant. I have her a TC card (picture with our information) she took it and then as we were getting out of the cart silently handed it back to me and walked away. I've had people give pamphlets and turn down return appointments, but not a TC card! haha

Secret- we were getting out of the bicycle and paying the driver. While digging around for change he started mumbling something about Joseph Smith. My companion asked if he knew about Joseph Smith and how. He handed us our money and just said "It's a secret!" and drove away. He left us in confusion, and we just busted up laughing.


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