January 8, 2019



The work is moving forward

We are teaching a lady, Ishamaelita rn. She is so awesome and understands and accepets everything we teach her so quickly. It just clicks for her. It is difficult to get her to church though. But we found out she is moving in march. We we need to have her baptized before then! she is so awesome but it is a struggle getting people to church b/c it is far away and she has three little grand-kids to take care of. It is crazy to watch people, even if they don't have a strong testimony yet and only a desire to believe, keep the word of wisdom and other commandments and try to change.
Ninio is also progressing and has so much potential to become converted to this gospel and a lasting member. He is 16 years old and has come to church twice in a row! he is so interested in Joseph Smith so i have been studying the Restoration a lot more and it has strengthened my testimony so much. Mom, it is so amazing to realize that people that live so differently then us are more a like that we think. And it is awesome to see people have such a desire to change and learn something they know nothing about. The Philippino people are a christ centered, god fearing people. This really is on of the most progressing places in the world. These people are so ready to establish the church and have a firm foundation. I also found out that they didn't start preaching the gospel here until 1956. Most people are first maybe second generational members.


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