December 30, 2018



Merry Christmas

Kamusta my people,

Crazy busy week, but it has felt forever. Merry Christmas. The members made sure to take care of us, and we had a nice FHE with the sisters in my apartment it was so fun. Christmas in the Philippines is a little different. It is more of just a big party (kind of like New Year's Eve in America) We ate a lot and gave out presents to the cute kids on the streets and ward members.

This week I also took Nino, a young man we are teaching, to the Cebu temple for a temple tour. It felt like coming home just being able to walk on the grounds. I am so so so grateful for the temple. Not being able to go every week since beginning my mission has been difficult, but has caused me to appreciate the temple more. Please think about your covenants with Heavenly Father everyday, and make the temple a priority in your life. I know if you do this you will be able to feel the spirit and Heavenly Fathers love for you in a new heightened way.

Also last day of three hour church! say, what?!?!?! I am so excited for the new incentive to teach more in the home. This is not an excuse to not have daily family scripture and prayer though! I know if we follow the council of the prophet our homes will be strengthened, a little bit of heaven on earth, and the adversary will not prevail.

Families are so important to Heavenly Fathers plan for us. Please appreciate and enjoy your families during the holidays, and continue to work to strengthen them.

Love you all,

Sister Ludvigson

1-Temple yay! (Cebu City)
2- Merry Christmas Ya'll
3- Rengy!!! He is basically my spirit animal (thanks mom for all the cute knick-knacks)
Quick funny story so you all know that missionary work really isn't that easy. We went to invite Nino to church in the morning. He was doing homework and watching t.v. (Philippines love to watch t.v.) any ways my trainer told me to take the lead. So I stood up and walked over to him and said "Kamusta Ka?" how are you? no reply, so I kind of just continued to invite him to church, and see how he was doing. Of course in broken Bisaya and while being very awkward. No reply. I tried a gain like two or three times. No reply, no one replied it was like there was a glass wall. So I awkwardly sat down and my trainer stepped in to help me out and he replied to everything she said and stopped staring at the t.v. it was so weird. The culture is defiantly taking some getting use to. They always seem like they are not listening, because Philippians don't like eye contact. But they are listening. Ah it was so weird.


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