December 23, 2018



Merry Christmas Eve.... from the Philipeans

Merry Christmas Eve from the Philippines,

Man do Filippinos know how to party. It is the funniest thing. They absolutely love karaoke. Like love love love. They are terrible singers, but they just continue to sing their cute little hearts out. This week have felt so long! but that is great because it is Christmas time! They are not much into decorating for Christmas but are into the food, which has been great.

We had a mission tour this week and Elder Schmutz of the General Area seventy came and did some training with the Cebu East mission. We also got to eat some good food. But, he chose four missionaries to have an interview with him before and I was one of them. It was amazing! His spirit is so strong. I know that all General Authorities and the Prophet are called of God. ahhh, this church is just so true.

The work is coming along. When I first came in this area we had no leads, no investigators, or recent converts so we started from scratch. We have a few people that are progressing and I just want them to accepted and know all of the gospel already! I love the people here. They are all so so so kind and cute and small! haha.

Merry Christmas! Remember the reason for the season and Light your Faith my people!
This gospel is so true. I know Christ is our Redeemer and He lives. How blessed are we to have a loving Heavenly Father that sent his only begotten Son to atone for the world!
Have a nice Christmas spent with family and eating lots of good food. Specifically milk and oreos (I miss those the most)

much love,

Sister Ludvigson

1- Some random man on the street mad this little minny float. Cool huh?
2- Si Nicole ug Si Nhellyn they love to have lessons and read the BOM but their mom won't allow them to come to church. plus they have the cutest puppies!
3- Goodies from home. I am going to be so fat! (p.s. our house is all decked out for Christmas)
4-Bahak!!!!(flood) it is rainy season which is fun, but then our area gets flooded, which isn't so fun. We have been having a good time singing (while working of course) in the rain though


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