December 17, 2018



Ward party

Kamusta my fellow people,

Another week in paradise. The Philippines is really awesome, but don't let anyone fool you by saying missionary work is easy. We have a great ward who takes very good care of the missionaries, maybe a little too much. Don't be judging hard if for some reasons my camera starts to make me look bigger than I am. I am half way through my training, yipee! People still don't really get my humor, but the dirty ice cream here is delicious!

We had a ward party. And let me tell you do Filippinos know how to party. They absolutely love food, and karaoke, especially 80s music. It is the funniest thing. We had some investigators show for the party and church! yay!!!! I also spoke in church. All the members seemed impressed by my Bisaya (Cebuano), but I think Filippinos are just too nice. That and the spirit helped.

I absolutely love Christmas. The Filippinos live such a simple and pure life. I love Christmas, but here it is not nearly as commercialized. I love Christmas because it is a time to focus on Christ. His atoning sacrifice and infinite love. Try to keep your Christmas CHRIST centered. As missionaries we are to teach repentance. In President Nelson's Christmas devotional talk he mentioned that one of our gifts is the gift of repentance. How lucky are we to have a Savior who has felt every pain we have. Who knows us personally and took upon himself our sins. Please remember Him always!


Sister Ludvigson

1- party party with the ward and Condiman family.
2- yes, my comp. is Filipino, not Korean or Chinese
3- yes, also, I am still a nerd. (the graphite here is always the word 'nerd' or 'pee' haha)
4- Sister Ishmaelita's first time at church!!!!


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