November 7, 2019


Provo Missionary Training Center


Sister Yellowhair

Group email week1


I just want you all to know being a missionary is not as scary as ANYONE THINKS. Oh my goodness I love it with my whole entire heart. Especially the MTC experience it is in a few words: learn, feel the spirit, eat, cry (in a good way), repeat. There is so much to learn and at the same time all I ever needed was a testimony. We are in luck because I have just that! I want to share with you some experiences I have had in just the 7 days I have been in the MTC. The Book of Mormon is concrete proof that God lives and Jesus Christ lives and died for our sins. If you are looking for a footprint of God in stone or something of the sorts, I am here to tell you the Book of Mormon is just that. You can know as I know by reading the Book of Mormon and pray to God to know that it is the words of God. I came to know this for myself when I realized that the core principles that I believe in: God loves us, Heavenly Father blesses individuals and families, the Atonemnt, the Plan of Salvation among so many others are taught on every page every verse in the Book of Mormon. These are the things Jesus Christ taught on this earth and the Book of Mormon is a record of these teachings. I promise you that as you read the Book of Mormon that you will come to know it is the word of God and any question you have, you will find answers through the Book of Mormon. Another thing I am constantly reminded about is that I am supposed to be here at this time. I see growth in myself and others already and it has only been 7 days! It helps me remember that when the Lord requires us to give up something we see as "good" whether it be to repent or for any other reason, God has something GREAT in store. Take that leap of faith and let God show you what he has to offer. It's amazing. The gospel is true and I know this without a doubt. I love my mission and I don't know what I would do without it. Thank you for all the support! Email me lots emails throughout the week help me so much and remind me of my support system.
One more time, God loves each and everyone of you and I testify that we are never alone.

With all the love in the world,

Sister Janson :))))


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