March 8, 2022




Paige Huntsman

It’s all about the people

My original email got deleted and I dont have much time so this one will be short.

We had an amazing lesson with a couple last pday. They read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and the boyfriend had a problem with The House of Israel. He doesnt like the wars that happen over the "holy land." God has been preparing me for that exact moment...I love talking about the gathering of Israel. I was able to explain to Him about President Nelson's talk about the true meaning of Israel "Let God Prevail" I told him Isreal is a people who want to follow God and not a place. That anyone can be a part of Isreal and the blessing is life with God in heaven. He said "I like that" and then he came to church on sunday. His girlfriend had to work sadly.

I got to go to the temple for an endowment session and that was awesome. I got to meet my grandmas friend and my cousins aunts husbands brothers wife haha. She came right up to me and said "Are you Sisar Johnson? You look like a Johnson"

I had a thought during our zone conference this transfer that if we really believe that God has put us in the right place theres no reason to check the clock and count down the time. Be present. I couldnt find a clock in the temple, God always wants us there. The temple is the House of the Lord.

Sunday was really good. I translated church again. It went really well this time and I got most of what was said. I looked back at Sisar Huntsman and our friend to see how he was reacting to it all and he had the biggest smile on his face and she gave me a thumbs up with a big smile.

Were getting down to the wire and weve been meeting with members a ton in case I leave. Transfer calls are on friday. We have no clue whats gonna happen but Id be happy to stay or leave. Tampere is doing so good right now!!

Thats all for now. Ill let the pictures fill in the cracks. I love you and God loves you more!

Sisar Johnson


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