January 25, 2022




Paige Huntsman

A “positive” week

Miracles, boredom, The Chosen, sleep, boredom, more sleep, lots of chocolate, boredom, laughing with the mission, boredom.

Yup thats the week.

Now if you want to read the long version here you go (I wont get butthurt if you just look at the pictures)

Covid hit this week. My test was negative and I felt fine all week except for my consistent headache. Sis Hunts was positive so we got put into quarantine. We took tests because we were planning on meeting with that old couple we met with a couple weeks ago if you remember them. We had gotten a call from the husband who said he has a friend coming for lunch and he's interested in the gospel so they wanted to invite us too. This man is in his 80s almost 90s and he is the absolute sweetest. We were so bummed that we couldnt come, but when we called to tell him he said "When sickness come sickness comes" This was all on Wednesday and he ended up bringing us food on Saturday from the friend's bakery. He asked us if we were coming to church because his friend is coming. We had to say no because our bishop told us not to...probably a good thing since I tested positive on monday.

So um... quarantine sucks. I didnt mind it at home but in a tiny apartment with one other person it gets really boring. We did however have our friend list skyrocket. God is aware of His missionaries and He has a reason for everything. We got 15 messages from people saying they want to join our ping pong night once we are healthy again. I had a random Finn who just got back from living abroad start voice memoing me on facebook messenger. He is way cool and one of the days of quarantine he asked if we needed him to pick up anything from Ikea for our apartment because he was going there. People are so nice haha. We turned him down but kept talking. He said he likes how in Finland you can just say no without it being awkward, so I responded with "speaking of... you know that me and my roommate are here as missionaries, would you be interested in learning more about what we believe?" HE SAID YES. Miracles my friends miracles. I also had a missionary from Poland add me in a group chat with the coolest girl who loves religion and lives in Tampere and we've been texting. She wants to go to a cafe when we are out of quarantine and talk about the gospel. So many cool people have reached out to us since we have been stuck inside and that just let me know even stronger that God is in this work. I've learned throughout my mission that the field is white and ready to harvest. That means that its okay when people dont want to learn because the ones that do want to learn are there as well.

Fun fact haha were not the only ones in the mission in quarantine... We found out and called our mission health coordinator. We told our district who also took covid tests and one sister tested positive. Then our Zone Leaders told the whole zone to test. Then we got a million texts from our mission president and his wife about the whole mission going online till the end of January because everyone was testing positive. Kinda nice that we are all getting it over with together and then we can go back to normal. Yet another blessing from God.

God performed a real miracle this week. Me and Sister Huntsman have been watching The Chosen during our meal hours and thats turned our minds to miracles. If you havent watched it yet, it is not made by our church but it is SO good. I have learned so much from it and felt so much motivation to do good missionary work and love like Christ does. Makes me want to hug Him so bad. One of the miracles we noticed this week was through a man who I gave a Book of Mormon to last transfer. He had been texting me updates as he read saying he felt so good and that the book aligns perfectly with his life. He asked for our work email to send questions. I got an email from him and it was LONG. I read it as I wrote it out on a seperate paper. It took up 3 pages. I understood a bit but the miracle happened after I texted him. I told him finnish is not my mother language so it is going to take me some time to translate but I want to answer him accurately. He replied saying he didnt know I wasnt finnish and he could send me a simplified version. I was committed to reading his original email so I sat down and grinded it out and let me tell you how strongly I felt the spirit. I cant. I cant tell you because I have no words but it was the coolest experience reading this mans testimony in finnish as he shared with me his childhood and what he believes about God. He asked who the mormon God is and if He fits with his beliefs. I was able to understand his finnish and as I read back to Sis Huntsman what I had written down it made sense. God definitely helped me and I was in awe of what I just understood. Miracles are real. God IS a god of miracles and He still performs them today.

We will probably be quarantined till thursday so expect more facebook miracles in next weeks email.

I love you and God loves you more!!
Sisar Keeks Johnson


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