January 4, 2022




Mia Johnson

The wise man and the foolish man

So we visited an old couple this week. They have been hinting at us coming over all transfer and it finally happened. The poor wife has alzheimers but she is so fun. A little scary though if I'm being honest. Her husband told us she speaks english because she used to teach it. She would go in and out of finnish and english as she spoke to me all night. We spent a lot of time with them because the husband just needed to talk. We had a cool moment with her though as her husband made dinner. We sat and talked and she just looked at Sis J dead in the eyes and in english very calmly said I love you. She looked at me and touched my knee and said I love you too. Then in finnish she said I just feel it so powerfully. This poor woman is not herself but we got a small little glimpse into her soul. If there is one thing I'm taking home from my mission its a love for elderly people. I cannot wait to serve them and love them back home. There are so many pure souls in this life full of stories and experiences waiting to be shared.

We got to celebrate New Years the finnish way!!! Well not really but kinda. We went to the YSA party and got to do a fun little finnish tradition. They usually melt metal but we used wax. They melt whatever they're using and then put it in cold water and then analyze the shapes that it makes. If you hold it up to the light you can pretty much predict your new year. Super accurate stuff... mine had a heart in it.... HAHA no hearts in my future for this year I still have 20 more pdays till I come home (me and J counted) Fun tradition though. We had a sleep over with the sisters and got to watch the fireworks from our balcony.

Another fun thing about this blessed country? The old ladies like to knit. I now have 3 pairs of knitted socks. Rep those things quite a bit. Not as much as the elders though....

Its been kind of a slow week and we're trying to get back in the swing of things but we knocked another door last night.

It has snowed a crazy amount this week and my boots are too short for it but I dont even care because its so fun to trudge through the piles.

I had a pretty cool study this week so heres the recap:

The wise man and the foolish man.

3 Nephi 14:24-27

24 Therefore, whoso heareth these sayings of mine and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, who built his house upon a rock—

25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not, for it was founded upon a rock.

26 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine and doeth them not shall be likened unto a foolish man, who built his house upon the sand—

27 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell, and great was the fall of it

The storms of life come to all people. Christ's love is neither expressed nor hidden in who recieves what trial or to what extent they recieve hardships. We find His love in that He is a stable foundation no matter the storm. Yes "bad" things happen to good people but He is there through it all. God doesnt not exist simply because the world is imperfect. The storms are not sent from God to break you. They are a fact of this mortal existence and if we're observant they either remind us that we are on the wrong foundation or they reassure us of the strength, love, power and protection we recieve when we are built on the rock, our redeemer Jesus Christ.

Going into this new year we can take the challenges we face and choose Christ or choose to walk away from Christ. Either way He is there crying with you. All He wants is for you to choose Him because He has all the power to make things work out in the end. Weather the storm, you dont have to do it alone.

Life is so good and I absolutely love my mission. I love being a missionary. I am going to miss it so bad. 4 months feels so short and me and Sis J have been talking about mission fomo lately. There are so many cool people in this country and in our mission. I am so blessed. What did I do to deserve the best life back home and the best life here in Finland. Its so sad but so good to have two homes.

I love you and God loves you more!
Sisar Johnson


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