December 14, 2021




Mia Johnson

Christ loves through hugs

Have you ever thought about hugging Jesus? I assume at some point in my 20 years I have but it has never hit me as hard as it did on saturday. Im a visual person for sure and we were watching the trailer for the chosen. When mary full force runs into the Savior's arms and buries her head in His chest I felt this weird sense of comfort that I've never really considered to feel about my Savior before. He's not here physically so at times He may feel untouchable and I can only imagine how comforting that hug will be one day in its perfect timing. A release from pain. A complete let go of all the tension in our bodies and a wordless "Well done. You endured everything I asked you to endure. Im so proud of you. I love you." Our Savior is perfect after all so who's to say His hugs are not perfect also.

We had a pretty lowkey week. Last pday ended with a dinner appointment with a member from Kenya. Shes so cool. We had african food and it was so good!!

We had splits with the Kouvola sisters who both used to be in my last district. That was fun. We handed out 37 light the world calendars in the christmas market at the town square and invited 3 people to come to church for either the sunday meeting or a game night. Those are pretty good numbers for finland. I posted a book of mormon on facebook marketplace and we have a guy meeting us later this week to get one.

On Saturday we played spikeball again... its the mission sport. But after that we met with our american friend and did yoga in the church attic. It was so fun to have her in the church building and we're gonna do it again next week. Im SO SORE though.

We made cookies for two sisters that dont come to church and one batch was trash. The other was decent. We rang the doorbell of the sisters apartment and they unlocked the door almost instantly. Finnish apartments are weird, you cant just go to the door. Most of the time you have to find their name and press their doorbell and they'll let you into the building then you have to go find the apartment. We walked to their door and sometimes people leave them open when they know someone is coming. They had, but the girl looked so confused. We said who we are and that we brought cookies. She was a little weirded out. We asked which sister she was and what their dogs name is. She explained that they had a friend coming over. We said merry christmas and she told us again they have a guest coming over and thats why they opened the door then she shooed us away with her hand. We left saying it was a christmas miracle that we beat the friend there and they opened the door for us. God is in the details. Then we drove to the church to give the elders our car and I swapped the gross cookies for one of the elders tram passes. I told him they were gross and he agreed after one bite.

Here's some more songs since my eyes have been opened to the world of christian music:

"He paid it all" -Brandon Heath
"I still believe in christmas" - Anne Wilson

Im determined to find a song like these that matches all the styles of my playlists back home and then when Im home I'm gonna put one in every playlist to remind me of whats important everyday ;)

I played sähly for the first time this week. Its basically hockey but not on ice and you use a wiffle ball and ITS SO FUN!!! Dont worry I kept with tradition and got hit in the head. This time it ricocheted off a wall and hit me in the forehead. Everyone stopped but I was fine. Whats a wiffle ball gonna do?... my head was pretty sore for a couple days. Worth it. I love sähly.

Sis J has been teaching me the art of facebook finding. Consistency is key. 20 friend requests a day and youre golden. I like to send messages too to some people. I made a new friend. Shes way cool and has pink hair and we had been talking for a bit then out of no where she says that her and her daughter are at the mall if I wanna join them. So we did and she was way cool and loves religion and we're gonna meet again and talk about God's plan for us. Also her daughter is 2 and wanted to hold my hand as we left the mall and my heart was bursting. I miss kids!!!!

I hope yall have a good week. I love you and God loves you more!!! Its almost Christmas!!!!

Sisar Johnson

We love our kiddos.
Splits were so fun and we love the Christmas market!!!
Post sähly mirror pics


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