November 30, 2021




Mia Johnson

Trunky for Music

If you want a guidebook to politics and human relationships go read the Book of Mormon. This weeks special chapter is Helman 7. When I read it so many things about the world right now made sense. Agency is what we're fighting for. It's been the fight since the premortal life. Verse 16 hit me like a ton of bricks"

"Yea, how could you have given way to the enticing of him who is seeking to hurl away your souls down to everlasting misery and endless wo?"

Satan doesnt care about you. He hates you. He hates that you chose a plan that allows you to keep choosing. You didnt choose the plan that let him recieve all the praise while you passively lived and followed him and did as you were told in every little detail in his lifelong plan of dictatorship. You chose Christ. You chose pain. You chose joy. You chose the full range of emotions that come with being able to make mistakes. You chose the risky plan but guess what that risk had the best possible insurance. That risky decision came with a Savior. A Savior whose name is Jesus Christ, who is the only one capable of returning home. We chose His plan trusting that He would follow through and He did. He made all things possible. Now all thats left is you. He loves you. Thats why He did what He did. Thats why He lived His precious few years of growth and learning (because thats what mortal life is, precious, limited years of growth and learning with the opportunity to make mistakes and still be made clean again) He chose to live His precious years for you. He showed the way back home. He shows the way back home continually. Our Savior Jesus Christ makes all things possible for us. And yet at times we choose the author of the other plan. We forget the one who makes our hearts full and we open the door to the one who wants to scrape every last drop of hope out of us and leave us to suffer. Satan doesnt care about you. He made his eternal decision a long time ago. You still have the opportunity to decide your eternity. Everyday is a chance to choose Christ again. Every second is a chance to choose Christ again. If I'm being 100% honest the logical choice is the one you already made. Choose Christ who loves you, who helps you and who wants to teach you the most unexplainable joy that only He can teach. He is on your team always, but He loves you enough to let you decide if you want to be on His team. Agency is a priceless gift.

Love is giving a choice knowing you might not be the one chosen.

So craziest thing. We got home from a thanksgiving dinner with the funnest little phillipino lady and decided to walk around the christmas market. As everything was closing J nudged me and said go talk to that girl shes wearing an america hat. I didnt have enough time to react and she was almost gone but J ran and stopped her. Turns out shes from utah and doesnt speak finnish. She was walking home and lives right by us. She said she was so happy to see us because she doesnt ever meet americans and this winter has been really depressing for her. She was baptized when she was 8 but left the church at 13. She said she had just been thinking about the church and prayed the other day. She asked if we wanted to go get hot chocolate so we dropped everything and went to a cáfe. The sweet girl bought our hot chocolate and asked if she could see the Book of Mormon. She kept telling us her grandma will be so happy she met us. She knew nothing about missionary work and asked a million questions. We're basically best friends now, we have plans to go thrifting on pday and sledding on Christmas. We're gonna introduce her to the other missionaries and try to translate church for her if she comes!!

I went to my first finnish primary program on sunday. There were only 5 kids and 3 young women that joined them. They had the whole congregation sing with them. It was also the first advent sunday. We sang the traditional Hosianna song in both wards we went to. Our friend Heljä gave her first talk since she was baptized in August in the other Tampere ward. The elders are teaching a really cool family and we got to take the little girl to primary and sit with her. Heljä had me say the prayer haha it wasnt my ward and Im not a kid but the kid who was assigned wasnt there and she was leading primary that day.

After church we spent the rest of sunday learning about Christmas advent and finnish history from my grandmas friend. She lives in Tampere in the other ward and by God's hand decided to invite all the missionaries in the area to a Thanksgiving dinner. My grandma had just told me in a call on Thanksgiving about her friend. When I asked the elders what the lady's name was, I freaked out a little bit. It was so fun. I sat with her and helped her cook while everyone else took a tour of their amazing house. Before we left she took me back to her office and we looked through piles of books for any pictures of my grandma or grandpa. She is one of the oldest living members in finland and has a ton of the church history records here. We lit the first advent candle together with everyone as we sat like little kids listening to their stories. As we were leaving I got to stare at the stars for a little bit as we stood in the snow holding our bags of leftover thanksgiving food. It was a really good day.

I know God is real. He's a loving father.

I love you and God loves you more!

Sis Johnson

P.s. My toe got run over by a car... i wont say how but it was too funny not to mention. Im okay it only hurt for like 15 minutes.

Thanksgiving dinner at ikea
Meeting Cam
Thanksgiving with the Sloans
An old pic of my grandma and her friends
Me and mimmu
Me and a 2 goons (J had just stuffed a huge piece of turkey in my mouth)
We helped some members pack their house
Me and J at zone conference
Some friends


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