October 26, 2021




McKenna Bagwell

Lifesaving knowledge is not awkward

I hit a year in 2 days!!!! So crazy! So here are a few highlights and punch in the face moments because thats how this last year has been.

Highlights in the form of old missionary accomplishments:
1. Im on my last bottle of my face wash stock so Im officially old
2. Im a few pages from finishing my 2nd journal so im officially old

Highlights in the form of friends:
1. We met with a Turkish family that we got referred to. It was totally out of the blue and kinda sketchy. We thought we might have a "saratov approach" moment on our hands as we thought about how the whole meeting got set up. We got a text from an elder saying a lady in athens, greece wanted us to meet with her friend. The elder gave us the greece lady's facebook which said she lives in idaho but is from arizona and she never answered my text. He also gave us the friends number and her profile picture was an anime drawing. We texted the number and asked to meet at a café they said it'd be better to meet at their house because they have kids. A million prayers for safety later and they are actually the sweetest family. They're refugees and have a really cool story. They used to live in Arizona actually but when their work permit was expired they went back to turkey and had to cross a river in the night to get to greece and now they live in finland. We have plans to meet with them every week!

2. We got to teach temple prep to a girl in our ward. She's a convert and has been a member for around 5 years but still hasn't recieved her endowment. So we get to teach her about it and answer her questions in FINNISH!!! It was actually really cool and spiritual and she's the sweetest. She let us choose from a pile of reflectors she has as we were leaving because she wanted us to be safe in the dark. I didnt want to accidentally take her favorite so I asked her which one reminds her of me and she picked the one I wanted <3 (Its a pink teddybear)
We went outside and IT WAS SNOWING!! Funny story: I was videoing our reactions to snow in october and when we got in the car I forgot my phone was connected to bluetooth. I tried to watch the video but couldnt hear anything till we heard a voice whisper "its snowing" we both screamed then busted up laughing because it scared us so bad.

3. I have a new family friend. I met him online through family search. He posted a story of our shared ancestor and there's a feature where you can message people so I did. He thought I was an elder because my name is Kenley its okay though its not the first time thats happened... My reassignment's office workers (before it was cancelled) called me Elder Johnson also. I got called Elder Johnson on our district council schedule last week too. And our areabook in Vaasa also said Vaasa Elders... I blame Kenley Jansen from the LA Dodgers for making everyone think Im a boy. But hey message the random family you meet on familysearch they might be really cool.

As for the punch in the face moments:

1. We got our first parking ticket :(

2. I got called stupid by a 60 something year old man in regards to a very sensitive subject and he said it in english so I understood it all....

But hey that okay because I studied these verses this week
Psalm 82:3-6
I had written next to them in the MTC that this is the message the world needs to know right now. We are all children of God and that means we can become like Him. We should be putting all our effort into becoming like Him and that includes the way we treat people. I wish I could scream it from the roof tops that we are all walking each other home. When we know who we are and what potential we have it changes the way we see people. We should feel sad when our brothers and sisters are mean or make mistakes not because it hurts us but because we want so badly for them to be in the celestial kingdom with us and recieve all the joy God has prepared. If you're struggling like this old man to love others, study your own divine potential and ask yourself how you truly feel about yourself. Because when we know who we truly are we wont even think about tearing others down. Every effort will go towards following Christ's example of helping the poor and needy and healing the broken hearted.

Which leads me to one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon:
The whole chapter is amazing but these two verses were so powerful. Its a war chapter and Moroni is writing the government asking why on earth they're not sending support. He calls them out for sitting pretty on their thrones, content while their brothers who are fighting to keep them free are dying from the lack of provisions. If we take these two verses and make the enemy Satan, we can ask ourselves how often do people pass us everyday who are pleading with us in some quiet or sometimes obvious way for spiritual nourishment but we are too content with our own spiritually to send them provisions. Too often our lives are going good and we think there is nothing to improve on but we're always wrong to think that. Absolutely no one on earth except for Jesus Christ has died a perfect person. We always have something more to learn and most often that learning comes from sharing the light we feel with those around us. Even strangers need your light, because your light is Jesus Christ and He suffered for them too. I have written next to these verses "Life saving knowledge is not awkward. Its love." As missionaries we are taught to be bold. People dont change unless there is an opposing force. Thats physics. You keep going in the same direction until something hits you. Be the thing to hit people upside the head. Do it lovingly but be bold. There are so many searching for the truth that their soul once knew but they dont know where to look. Find them. You are so blessed with the knowledge you have. Share it. Its a simple fact that everyone on earth has some connection with you spiritually. Love them enough to share joy. Okay Im done now but here's some study material if this topic gets you as hyped up as it does me and if not read them anyways they're SO GOOD!

D&C 123:12
1 Peter 3:15
Alma 60
"Hold up your light" -Elder Marcus B. Nash October 2021 General Conference

I love you and God loves you more!

Sisar Keeks Johnson

My umbrella broke this day and we had a hot chocolate mishap on the train
Beautiful Hämeenlinna
I drink hot chocolate even though it makes me sick...wish it were icecream
A little girl in our branch made me a hat in church


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