October 12, 2021




McKenna Bagwell

I bought a tractor

First off I wanna start with my testimony. This world is CRAZY. If you're a member of the church you know why. We are in the latter days and that's been said since the Prophet of this time Joseph Smith helped restore Jesus Christ's full gospel to the earth in the 1800s. If they thought they were in the last days back then how much closer are we? I dont know. Only God knows, but I do know that the simple fact that these are the last days makes it so important for us to know what we really believe in. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. Every. Single. One of us is a loved, worthy, appreciated child of Heavenly Parents who has divine potential to become like them. If you are struggling with your testimony or struggling to love others or struggling to want to be at church or whatever your struggle is, your Heavenly Father is not a God of confusion. He is a God of peace. He speaks and teaches so simply so that we know exactly what we need to do in this life to become like Him. And we should want to become like Him because that's where joy lies in this life and the next. General Conference gave us what God wants us to know now. It was so simple. If you dont feel the same way, please pray to your Heavenly Father and watch it again with the advice that our living prophet President Russell M. Nelson gave. Listen for the doctrine. There are SO MANY distractions and false ideas that seem good and okay in the world today. We are getting stronger and learning better how to endure through the arrows of Satans distractions but he is also getting better at mimicking what is good until he pulls us away from what is right. Life is not meant to be easy. Its supposed to be difficult. Dont try to change the circumstances that grow you. God sees what you cant. Dont give up. Look at your hard with eyes to see the tender mercies that push you just enough forward to keep going. God is pouring down blessings and Christ is holding your hand. We just need to remember not to accept where we're at as the end all be all. Dont sit down in the middle of the field, walk if you cant run but keep moving forward. He will carry you when you really cant go any farther, but you need to walk first. There is a right and a wrong in this world where the bad is labeled as good and the good is labeled as bad. Prayer and personal revelation are so important but it is also so important to know the doctrine and check your own personal revelation with what God has said to be true. If your thoughts and what feels best for you is not in line with what God has said, then its not coming from God. Something I learned a while back and shared this week as I spoke in church was the question "Who do you want to see with you in the celestial kingdom?" Thats our goal. Whether you're working on realigning yourself with God's covenant path back to Him or you are helping others back onto the path, that is the goal. The celestial kingdom back in the arms of our loving Heavenly Parents who mourn every pain with us and rejoice in every triumph is the goal. Its the plan. Its why we're here. No temporary, earthly relaxation and pleasure is worth stepping off the path.

So. Here's the rundown for this week.

We had zone conference. It was pretty dang good if you ask me. I cried. You cant blame me though. Some of my favorite people gave their final testimonies before they go home in a month. And they played the stinking good, spirit inviting "Because of Him" video. And i just really love all the people in my zone this transfer. Also pretty cool thing God orchestrated in my life this transfer... all but my MTC companion (who if you're reading this I love your guts) were in one room together. I got to hug all my heaven assigned roommates. We played spikeball after zone conference and went a little too hard on the lunges. Me and Sis Bags were SORE for a couple days. The 3 flights of stairs to our apartment were... fun.
We also played Secret Hitler. I was Hitler. I framed one of the elders and won the game with two elders who used to call me out all the time back in Vaasa. Our mission thrives off of spikeball and Secret Hitler when we have free time.

We stayed in Tampere for splits and had a ton of fun. My trainer has been on every split with me since ive been in Finland. We were comps for 2 transfers and she's been an STL in the same zone as me for 2 more. This was our last one though because shes going home this transfer. There was a lot of life talk and memories bottled up into that night. We had so much fun we almost missed our train. We had to jump out of the car stopped in traffic and run to our train that left in 4 minutes because we tried to get finland's fake costa vida but the line was too long and we were cutting it close. We made it on and the train left a minute later. Tender mercy.

Our friend is reading The Book of Mormon and praying!!! This is huge because he doesnt have a Book of Mormon in his native language and he struggles to understand but he started reading on his own and he has been asking us some pretty good questions. He even prayed for the first time in our lesson in his native language! We're really excited about him.

We spoke in church... it actually went really well :) Church was kinda crazy this week. We spoke and there were a couple members tearing up which was crazy to see. We had two members bring us food (We havent had a dinner appointment since Sister Bagwell got here over a month ago) Got to talk to the 3 little girls that always sit in front of us and draw our name tags. Got asked to sit in on a ward council meeting where our bishop spoke really fast for 15 minutes and neither one of us understood anything. We asked his wife later to explain to us slower. Shes a saint, I love her.

We have a family in our branch that is homeschooled and we help them with english sometimes and they help us with finnish. We went on a walk through the forest with them picking wild berries so the kids (and us) could learn the names of trees and what berries are poisonous. The mom was so concerned about us being in dresses so she gave us pants to put on under our dresses but our dresses kept getting caught on the trees so we tied them up and it was quite the sight.

Me and Sis B still laugh our heads of everyday. She laughs at me for the dumb things I do and I laugh at her for the dumb things she says. Our list of funny memories is through the roof. Pictures too. Gonna miss her big time next transfer. (I read this to her and she said pretty accurate)

Something I loved from conference last week: Come to Christ but dont come alone.

A scripture I loved from this week:
D&C 112 The whole chapter is so good!!

The video that made me cry:
Because of Him

A good thought from another missionary: Who do you want to see in the celestial kingdom with you? How are you gonna help them get there?

Just paused my writing for 15 minutes because we had too hard of a laugh attack reading old memories we saved for our transfer books. Basically life is so good.

I love you and God loves you more!!

Sisar keeks

"Hike" with the cutest family (finland doesnt have mountains so it was no santan or grand canyon)
I was cold during companion study and Sis B was laughing at me
I got another patch for my backpack! Its a tractor for the water tractors here in Hämeenlinna
All my comps except my Sis Blaser
Tried puolukkapiirakka for the first time (lingonberry pie) SO SOUR!!
My hair looks...cute after a couple hours of street contacting in wind and humidity
Wild berry picking
The zone


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