November 1, 2021




McKenna Bagwell

Can you spot Santa?

Okaaaayyyyy.... it was a good week.

We were so busy and this week is even busier. We've got transfer calls on friday and from what prez told me I think Im leaving. So we set things up with all my favorites and man we're busy.

I hit a year as a missionary and time just completely left the equation. Life is going superspeed. 6 more minutes till hugs galore. We celebrated with McDonalds icecream and fries and then that night we taught finnish to two of our friends.

We had breakfast with the Turkish family and taught them about the restoration of the church and like every other principle in Preach My Gospel because they just kept asking questions. The mom asked how to teach her kids and how our parents taught us. Our hearts literally burst. We gave them an english Book of Mormon but our elders in Lahti got us a Turkish one so we'll give that to them at the next breakfast party.

Our bishop and his wife had us over to eat reindeer and it was so good. It was a day full of finnish culture.

We went to Lahti for district council and celebrated Halloween on Saturday by going to the endless rows of costumes in the basement of the church and dressing up. I was princess peach.

On the way back the train was crammed and thank the heavens our seats were next to the friendliest lady and her daughter who looked like my sister and her best friend combined into one person. They were coming from a book fair so we decided to add to their collection and gave them a Book of Mormon. They gave us a newspaper which was perfect cuz we need newspaper to go grilling today. As we were walking home from the trainstation I was in such a good mood I went up to a guy taking pictures and he saw our tags and said "Oh you are part of that. Tell me what your mission is about." So we did and he listened and was really cool. We followed his photography account and he posted about meeting missionaries who were a good vibe in the melancholy town of hämeenlinna. Pretty cool. He posted it in Swedish but messaged me that he had mentioned us in his post.

Sooo um cool thing we learned this week...theres parking at the church. Our bishop knows about these super secret spots behind the church and we really didnt need to be moving our car every two hours for 2 months... it built character though right??

We taught the whole ward about missionary work and created a ward mission plan and presented it in finnish with the stake president there in church that day. It was kinda crazy and kinda empowering. It was a good day. I got pictures with the cute family that sits by us. Members wrote in my transfer book. We got invited to eat cake with a part active family. Got a referral from a dad who wants us to meet with his daughter who is not a member. So many good things!!! Hämeenlinna is really picking up just before transfers.

Oh also one of the finnish missionaries here has a friend that lives in our area who thought he died when he left on his mission cuz he didnt announce it to the world. Shes now interested in learning about the church and we're gonna meet with her after her rat recovers from its surgery.

Speaking of surgery we were talking to one of our favorites about surgeries and I showed her my scar. She said "Sinä olet Suomessa" (you are in finland) then in perfect english "How did this happen?" She was so amazed that I can be healthy enough to serve a mission across the world. Then she got really concerned about me dying but I assured her Im okay. Im really grateful God crafted my story to include me safely being able to serve a mission in Finland and meet people like her.

Spiritually speaking I miss the temple. Thats what I've got for y'all this week. Its almost been a year since I last went and Im really missing it. If you have the chance to go, soak it all in. When you havent been in a while you can feel the difference. Come follow me was so interesting this week reading D&C 124 about the temple. I think its so interesting that they say our bodies are temples. In D&C 124 it said that God always commands His people to build temples so He can give them revelation to further their progression. If our bodies are temples they can be houses of revelation too. The verse in Nephi where it says my father dwelt in a tent has always been interesting to me too. Back then their temples were tents as well as their homes. Our homes can be a place of revelation. The boarding house in this section was described so beautifully and so similar to the way I would describe the temple. Any place consecrated and dedicated to the Lord in His name can be a holy place of revelation and a resting place for the weary travelers in this mortal journey whether it be a home, a body, a boarding house or a temple.

Verses: 23, 24, 28, 39, 40, 60

I love you and God loves you more!

Sis J

Bishop and his family, Sis B was in the mood for taking some secret dramatic pics of me when I stare out windows contemplating life, horses, flowers, halloween

P.s. do you like my owl socks? Happy Halloween!


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