September 6, 2021




Taia Wolfe

Princess Peach stays in castle town one more transfer


I'm being rushed today so hopefully this isn't a trash email. We had a VERY busy week so here's the lowdown. On Wednesday, we went to our last district council in Lahti :(((( We had a very...interesting... fashion show which resulted in me looking like a mix between princess peach and her friend with the yellow dress. Oh and I had some pretty good looking, ugly step sisters. Don't ask me how they can be good looking and ugly at the same time because I don't have an answer. Scroll to the bottom for some blackmail content.

From Lahti we went to Espoo and spent the night with the STL's which was an absolute blessing. I didnt think I would get to see Sister Terry before she leaves back home but God makes things happen and I love Him for it. We stayed up way too late and laughed way too hard at things that weren't funny. The next day we figured out the Helsinki public transportation and made our way over to Myyrmäki to visit some friends of ours. They're an awesome family and the 15 year old daughter has been reading the Book of Mormon every day since we first met them 2 months ago. They were really fun to hang out with and we got to see all of the daughter's art. We drew with her while she asked us questions about the Book of Mormon. She asked us what we think God's favorite food is. Her idea is that it's some sort of fruit because of how often fruit is mentioned in the scriptures. She has an idea to draw the best fruit ever invented based off of the Tree of Life story. I love meeting people like me who see the world through art.

We came back to Hämeenlinna after a very fun little meet up with some missionaries in the train station. If you know me, which I assume most of you do since you're on my email list, you know that I have a lot of weird scars and bruises and a heart condition and basically the body of an 80 year old woman. Well... one of my favorite weird things about me is that on my right thumb I have a vein that's inflated like a water balloon with a weak spot that grows weird. It's a blue bump and when I mess with it, it flattens. It's harmless and I think it's kinda cool. The elder who shook my hand... not so much. It was pretty funny. The boy shook my hand and then looked at our hands and I kid you not he jumped back and yanked his hand away and said "WHAT is that?!" with the most disgusted face. I love people.

On Friday we got transfer calls and I'm staying in Hämeenlinna. Sister Wolfe is leaving to be with my old companion Sister Valcarce in Tampere and I am getting Sister Bagwell. I could not hype her up enough. She is an absolute sweetheart. We are in the same district so we've already met and I told her before transfers that I hope one day we get to be companions. God heard that hope. He's so good. Tomorrow is transfer day and I actually get to go this time. I haven't been to one in a while. Transfer days are so fun and I get to see SIS WATSON so I'm a happy missionary.

On Sunday we had dinner with our bishop's family and learned a fun new swear word. We also learned all about our bishop's job as part of the water rescue team. He told us all about a sinking ship between Finland and Estonia that was similar to the titanic. I love stuff like that. Give me all the history and stories!!

We also got to watch my home ward broadcast and the coolest lady who isn't a member and was just visiting from florida got up and bore her testimony. She was talking about her mom and covid and said "You've still got a pulse and God's got a plan." I liked that. God's always got a plan. You're alive and there are so many things to look forward to. Keep going.

Today was the best because I got to talk to Brock. We took a trip down memory lane with some pictures of us. Man I miss my twin who's not actually my twin but I wish really was.

If yall need some reading material this week go read the Book of Mormon. If you need more reading material there's a really good talk on BYU speeches called "Be 100 Percent Responsible" - Lynn G. Robbins It's seriously so good.

This was a really good week and I'm sure I forgot to mention something and I'm gonna kick myself for it but time is running out so I love yall and God loves you more. Never forget that!

Sis Keeks

Blackmail for the boys
I like bugs
The clouds made the river look like purple otter pop juice
I fell down this hill trying to stand up
Fall is coming
I love this book
Rainbow miracles straight from the hand of God


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