August 31, 2021




Taia Wolfe

The good days just keep rollin in

Moi ystävät,

Meidän viikko meni hyvin. So basically my brain is in finnish mode and its now the first language that comes to my head. Which is way cool and way funny when I actually get to speak in english because the wrong thing comes out like 78% of the time. Those first two phrases mean Hey friends and our week went well. I sat down to right my email and all that came to my head was finnish so we'll see how this goes.

Started out the week with a trip to Jyväskylä. It poured all day. Like ALL DAY. I dont think I have ever been anywhere in my life where there was consistent rain all day. We got to spend the night in Tampere before our train to Jyväskylä and met a huge group of elders at the train station really early in the morning. Our train cart was a PaRtY. The mission tour meeting was so fun and the speakers were awesome. I had just told Sis Wolfe earlier this week about my dislike for what I call chick food aka relief society and baby shower fruits and chicken salad sandwiches. Guess what they fed us at mission tour.... :) But dont worry the gift of tongues kicked in and I ate all my food like a polite little missionary. Heads up to all the aunts and best friends and mom and sistas, I would prefer to eat like a college boy at my baby shower, meat, pizza, icecream, the good stuff. Maybe put dad in charge of food.

We made it back home and the work was boomin this week. We decided to go on a walk to the cemetery and see who we could talk to. We met an 18 year old boy which is really weird to think is younger than me. He spoke english and wasn't interested really but was interested enough to talk to us for an hour and a half about the plan of salvation. He loved how hard we believe it is to get to hell. I do too haha. God is a merciful god. He took our phone number and we're friends on instagram now, so we'll see if this goes anywhere. There was a really cool memorial he told us about in the cemetery. It had the names of German soldiers who fought for Finland's freedom in 1918. I love history and so do finns... just another reason I've been called to the right mission. It's kinda crazy to think about the history books that will be written about these past few years. I have been seeing so many memorial posts about the soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan this past week. A lot of them are my age and I am amazed by the strength and selflessness they possess to serve our country and help protect basic human rights. They fight for our freedoms and also the freedoms of people who belong to other countries. That's genuine christlike love in my mind. Laying it all on the line for people. Because like my favorite quote says, "We are all just walking each other home." It really made me want to do better, hearing about the selflessness of these people in Afganistan but then I thought about the missionaries all over the world. Sometimes its easy to think that we're just bringing others to the gospel because we want to share the happiness we feel and yeah that's true but its not all about happiness. We're not always happy. Life is hard so that we learn and the more important work that we're doing as missionaries is helping others prepare to endure to the end. We are helping people find their source of strength in hard times. We are helping people make decisions that will allow them to live with their families for eternity. We might not save physical lives but we are saving souls. My mission scripture is Mosiah 28:3 in there it says "...they could not bear that any human soul should perish, the very thought that any soul should endure endless torment did cause them to quake and tremble." Missionary work is the most important thing on earth. Everyone needs to know the plan. They chose it before this life and its a blessing for all of us to know the truth of it in this life. Why wouldn't we share it. If you really think about it, no amount of rejection could be as embarrassing as standing before your brothers and sisters in heaven who are asking you why you didn't share the good news with them. People have their agency and they won't accept if they don't want to but we should be running to remind everyone about the loving plan our Father in Heaven created for us. Just like the selfless 20 year olds who gave their life in Afganistan for the basic human rights of all the people their scope can reach we can all give our lives to the work of sharing the gospel as far as we can reach. There are so many ways to share your testimony.

I was not planning on writing that in my email today so on another note, I had a man from India respond to a post I made. He said he doesn't want to be with his family forever. So I texted him and He had some questions about the Book of Mormon. We decided to video call him and he had A TON of questions. It went like this... he talked about Ted Bundy for 15 minutes (Which I never thought would happen in a lesson) then proceeded to begin every question with the phrase "I do not want to be a douchebag" ... um... turns out he's been talking to one of the other sisters since February and isn't really interested.

We had a crazy day yesterday. Sorry this is getting long if you're bored, I'm gonna keep writing so dont read if you dont want to. We went with a lady in our ward to visit her 81 year old mom in a nursing home to sing hymns to her. I cannot sing for the life of me but that was one of my favorite things I've done on my mission thus far. On the ride over the member told us how much of a gift this was to her and her mom because the ward hasn't visited her in years. They were both so excited that they told everyone we were coming. Her mom started bawling when she told her that we are the sister missionaries. She cried while we sang too. There was such a sweet spirit. She is not all there and kept asking me who was older between me and sister wolfe but I loved every second of it. We sang in finnish and spoke in finnish and I understood most everything. I was on a high that night because of the miracle God had just performed. We had dinner at the members house and talked to her forever and she made us laugh so hard. She lives on a cow farm in the countryside and it felt like home. Our cattle dr. cows and the forest near my grandparents cabin. I would visit her everyday if I could. She gave us a tour and showed us the old one room house on her property and explained (in finnish! sorry I will never get over the fact that I understood her stories) how the 5 beds used to be lined up to fit everyone. Man I love people.

Later that night we had miracle hour which is where all the sisters in our zone get on a call and say a prayer together then go out and find people then come back and share the miracles. (Wink Wink my marco polo girls we should do this when I get home with the miracles at the end of every day;) We were so exhausted so we almost stayed inside to do social media finding but we pushed ourselves out the door and there was a miracle waiting for us. We walked past our favorite restaurant we've never eaten at. Its called Fresno's and it plays american hits. We stopped to listen to the song to see if we recognized it and a man walked by. We said hi and he looked at our tags or the Book of Mormon, I'm not really sure which one he was focusing on, as he said hi back and walked away. We crossed the street and heard HEY! from behind us. We turned around and he was running at us. He said "Do you speak english or finnish?" I said both and he said is that the Book of Mormon? I said yeah. He told us that he got one a few years ago from someone that was from Utah and he forgot about it. I offered him the one I was holding (which by the way is rare, I usually keep them in my backpack) and he was so grateful. He kept telling us how interested he is, so we got his phone number and he said one more time "I'm very interested" with a big smile then told us he had to run to work because he was late. Work and other things are not as important as a knowledge of this gospel. This guy running back to talk to us was a testament of that. Seriously people are so cool!

I have so much more to say but this is way too long. Seconds after talking to that man we met another lady who thanked us for our work in sharing about Jesus. She was a cute little Jehovah's Witness and we had a good conversation about her and our missionary efforts. She took our phone number. There is so much light in this world when we look for it. People are good. If you dont believe it, talk to them. Everyone has some light and insight to give. We're all just walking each other home. Lets do it with selflessness love and genuine interest.

I love you and God loves you more!!

Sis Johnson

P.s. We get transfer calls on friday so #1 my pday will be monday next week and #2 I'm freaking out over the rumors. Absolutely none of the missionaries have any hints about what is happening so we're all making up crazy transfer board guesses. I've been told I'm going STL or training or possibly working with social media in some way. Katsotaan! We will see! But as for now... I have been putting in some work on revamping our social media logo and aesthetic. God knows my love for art and is using me in ways I didn't expect as a missionary.

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