January 9, 2021


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Taylor Watson

Mr. Polygamy

Hei friends!

Yup, still home. Am I complaining? NOPE. I love being home with my family and still learning and feeling the spirit as a missionary. I love the looks on people's faces when I actually leave my house and they see my tag. One lady a couple weeks ago in Bath and Body Works asked me where I work which led into a really cool conversation about leaving home and sharing the gospel. She has a daughter my age and had a lot to say to my mom about her strength as a mother. I agree haha my mom is pretty awesome for being willing to give up our morning walks and pickleball games so I can follow the Lord's plan. Moms are the best. Dads too.

Speaking of dads haha we played a game this week as a district that led to me making a very feminist comment. It was actually hilarious and a total joke but the elders have been quoting it ever since. Here's what went down. We were doing a scavenger hunt and the winner got to pick someone to give an off the cuff 1 minute lesson about whatever topic the winner chose. Vanhin Pabst freaking won and picked me to give a lesson on...POLYGAMY. We call him Mr. Polygamy but that's a different story. Anyways so I scrambled to find a scripture about polygamy and happened upon D&C 131:6 "It is impossible for a man to be saved in ignorance." So in a very non true to doctrine way I explained (mostly as a stab to Pabst for making me teach about polygamy) that some men are so ignorant that they need more than one wife. SO NOT TRUE! But it was funny and we laughed. I probably should have pulled up a gospel topics essay and read the church's stance on polygamy but it was last minute and just a game with all missionaries. Had I been talking to someone new to the church I definitely would not have joked like that haha. We love elders. And if you know me you know I hate feminism and believe all men and women are already equal in the way God intended. So if you learn anything from this let it be that men and women are equal in worth and have different roles so they can support each other and their family. I still dont know how I would teach polygamy though... I should probably go study that just in case it comes up.

Played a lot of pickleball this week. Still pretty obsessed. Had a Bob Ross painting night with my district because they're honestly pretty stinking cool people. I taught them a game I made up with my friend called deep or no deep and we've been playing it all week.

Today is my parents anniversary and man oh man am I blessed by those two amazing humans. I am grateful to my Father in Heaven for guiding them to each other and for them living their lives right so when they met they actually liked each other. I can't wait to get married. I've got a mission to focus on right now, but I think it's so cool that there is someone out there in the world that I am being led to and prepared for in every aspect of my life. It's so cool how God's plan is so meticulous and every little detail fits together perfectly. But His plan also protects our agency which is amazingly mind blowing too!!! I seriously pray sometimes that the man I am supposed to marry is living his life making good choices so when we meet or if we've already met, we will both be aligned with God's will at the right time to make that decision. I AM SO EXCITED to teach the people of Finland about celestial marriage!! I love the temple and I love the promise that we get to live with our family for eternity if we keep our end of the promise with God and follow His commandments. GOSH the gospel of Jesus Christ is SO COOL!! I can't wait to work towards the celestial kingdom with my eternal companion and our little kiddos!

ANYWAYS It's been 2 weeks since I finished the MTC and still not a single word on my visa. We pray as a district every day and I know that God is hearing our prayers, He just has a greater purpose for us at home right now. That purpose I have yet to figure out but I am grateful for the time with my family. If anyone wants to play pickleball, go to lunch, start a scripture sharing book club or just talk about the gospel (because all those other ideas will involve the gospel - thats all I really want to talk about these days because it's so amazing!) hit me up! I'll be home for who knows how much longer. I'm loving following God's plan and I can't wait to see what crazy things are going to unfold in the next month. I hope y'all are living the best lives you can live. The world is not necessarily our normal right now and it can be a little scary but with God in our hearts and His plan in our minds we can have peace in whatever is thrown our way. God in His wisdom does not change our circumstances but His gospel gives us the peace and hope we need to move forward and create joy where we stand now. Comfort zones are boooorriiiinnnngggg. Take the crazy of the world today, add in the hope that Jesus Christ gives and let the growing happen.

Boy oh boy haha sometimes writing these emails is like giving myself a pep talk. I just made my own day and I'm so flipping happy. I hope you are too!

I love y'all and your Father in Heaven loves you more!!
Sisar Johnson (I know crazy right? I read a talk this week and I have finally realized the importance of that name. I can be Kenley when I've been released from this amazing calling :)

1) Took my scripture reading to the treehouse because the orange leaves are so pretty and had a little visitor (This picture was taken after she biffed it hard trying to jump up the stairs)
2) No explanation needed. I love the office
3) My partially finished Bob Ross painting from last night


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