December 26, 2020


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Addey Blaser


Hey y'all

Welp it's the end... and the beginning... maybe. I'll start with the big news first. I am going to Finland but I don't know when. I don't have a reassignment and I will not be getting released but I will be home for a little bit longer. My call says I should be leaving this Tuesday, however I don't have my visa yet. Me, two elders and three other sisters have been told to wait at home till we receive flight plans. We don't know how long that will take but we have heard it might be a week or two into January or maybe sooner. We will see, but that has been the theme of the year and the theme of the MTC. It's been a really cool experience for me though, being able to learn to trust God. I started really trusting God when I graduated highschool and learned that His plan is better than mine. When stubborn me who wanted to get married right out of highschool decided maybe I should go to college and then learned that God's plan for me at this time is to serve a mission. Had it been my plan, I would not be on a mission right now (I love being a missionary, it was just not what I thought I would be doing with my life) but I have learned that in order to feel joy we need to choose His plan. I could be happy doing what I thought was right, but my joy is so much greater in following His way. I know that His way was prepared before I even chose to come to earth. Serving a mission at this time was always in His plan for me. Being in the MTC at home was always in His plan for me. Getting to go to LA for my visa a week before LA shut down again was a perfect miracle. Like I've said before, we see miracles everyday. Miracles are anytime we see God's hand in our life and He has been in every aspect of my mission and leading up to it. His hand is in the timing of me leaving and I know there's a reason I am waiting for my visa. There's a reason I get to be home and not in a reassignment while I wait. There is a reason for everything and I am grateful I have learned to Trust God and to trust His timing.

Being with the teachers and missionaries that I get to know and love every day was always in His plan also. I am so very grateful that I got to meet the people I did in the MTC and that we got to grow together these past 9 weeks. I love each and every person in my MTC family so very much. They say that trek families are for life and I feel like the MTC is the same. These missionaries will be my people for forever (sorry vanhimmat if you wanted to get rid of cant :) I had this thought today as we were all saying goodbye on the last day of the MTC, that we all have different courses in life. God has a specific plan for each of us, but every once in a while we are blessed to have our plans align. There's a quote I love that says "The same God that placed the star in a precise orbit millennia before it appeared over Bethlehem, has given equal attention to the placement of each of us in our precise human orbits, so that our light may not only lead others but warm them as well." -Neal Maxwell. I absolutely love the idea that we all have a specific orbit and course that God has placed us on, and that that orbit lines up perfectly with the orbits of the people we need to meet. It may just be for a small moment in time or it may be for eternity but either way it is a gift. God does not forget to put people in your life. You are where you need to be right now and with the right people. Be present in the life God has given you to live because it is specifically for you and not every moment lasts very long. I am grateful that my orbit got to align with those of my MTC district. They are some of the funniest and most excited and willing missionaries I have met. I am eternally grateful for their examples.

So yes the MTC is over and I have mixed emotions. I'm seriously gonna miss the people and might have to call them everyday while we wait till we finally all make it to Finland. BUT boy am I glad to be done with the same thing everyday. I obviously will still have structure for the next 16 months but I get to meet new people and do new things and actually go outside now. I'm a happy girl.

Christmas was amazing and I am so grateful that I got to spend it with my family AND as a missionary. We got to do all the traditions and it was kinda crazy that the next Christmas I'll be home, Brody will be on his mission. This year may have been the last year just the 8 of us, with missions and weddings coming into play the next few years. Getting old is weird. I keep telling everyone I'm officially old because I wear garments now. It's just so crazy to me that I'm doing all the things I saw my parents do my whole life. Anyways Christmas was amazing. I got all mission things and really honestly didn't have a desire to open presents. I was so excited to watch everyone else get excited. I hope I can keep that excitement when I'm no longer a missionary. So many things are put into perspective when youre doing the things that bring you closer to Christ and yes I have a calling that gives me the needed spirit to bless others, but I still have to work to be worthy of it. I pray my future self will stick with my small missionary habits that can give me the joy I felt this Christmas focusing on Christ and others.

My cute parents got me a little girl gift that was equally sweet and funny haha. I got an elsa cardboard cutout decorating kit. They said I'm still their little girl, but it was funny to me because they've been calling me elsa the past couple weeks. I've gotten that before because of the hair but now that I'm going to be frozen in Finland its been a bigger joke. Thanks Isä ja aiti! <3

Sisar Blaser and I had a final cereal chit chat today with our boys. The elders in our district are so much fun and make us laugh so hard. We had to get in one last call before the MTC ended and Sisar Blaser and Vanhin Förnes head to Finland. I got to tell them about all my college cooking fails. The cereal this time was cinnamon toast crunch... I'm not like the rest of the gang (I don't eat healthy cereal) Also it's not a cereal chit chat unless someone has expired milk and I'm happy to say this time it was not me!!!

Sorry this was a long one but its been an awesome week!

I love you and God loves you more!
Sisar (keeks) Johnson

1) I got a new backpack and it's super cute
2) Merry Christmas Eve from the Johnson girls!!!
3) Elsa partied a little too hard on Christmas and was wrecked at the end of the day
4) My awesome district minus Sisar Fuller and Deli Disco (We love those teachers too)
Please appreciate Vanhin Förnes' changing the spelling of our names...We won't mention who gave him the co-host power to do that


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