December 12, 2020


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Addey Blaser

The One Where Sisco Threw Pens Everywhere

Hey y'all!

This week went by too fast. One more full week and Christmas then I'm off to Finland. Kinda scary, very crazy, but I'm excited. The sisars have been talking alot in our group chat about what we're packing and the weather. It's getting real!!

I didn't do much this week but there were a few highlights. I got to go to lunch with a really good friend and that was super nice being able to get out of the house. Special thanks!! I also got to see a few other friends this week on a family drive and that was really fun too! I miss all of yall so much and I haven't even left yet. Okay so I guess all my highlights were just getting to see people this week haha but it was still a very good week just not very eventful.

As for class though! Our TRC fell through again haha BUT we had a really fun lesson this week. My teacher was trying to teach us the difference between this, that and it and he thought it would be a good idea to use pens to demonstrate but we all just ended up laughing for 30 minutes at him throwing pens across the room and closing doors and him describing in full detail to us his ChickFila order. He's a party and his classes are never dull. When we all went to LA for our visas I got a text from my companion that our teacher's lip was bleeding. Haha apparently he had cut it while shaving. Major respect to guys for shaving their faces seems kinda scary but we all know it looks so much better that way ;)

That's about all the news I have for this week. But as for future exciting events... I'm giving my farewell talk tomorrow! Kinda super nervous. Crossing my fingers I don't pass out.
My wedding dress came in the mail aka my temple dress and I still love it! I get to go to the temple in 3 days!!!!!
I got to do dance hair and makeup for the first time in forever today for Hadley's recital and it made me miss performing in Christmas Around The World at BYU :(( One more Christmas till I'll be back in the game.
And I got to make Brody's date's corsage for winfo too! I also really miss school dances haha those were the absolute best!!

I don't have any crazy spiritual messages for yall this week cuz I've been prepping for my talk but please know that God loves you and Jesus Christ would do anything for you. You're all killing it at life. Keep lighting the world!

I love you and God loves you more!

Sisar Johnson

1&2) I only took pictures with my food this week...awkward.
3) The Christmas corsage... I'm seriously contemplating becoming a florist


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