November 21, 2020


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hei y'all!!

It's been a pretty eventful week so hopefully I dont forget anything. I'll start with the title of this email haha. Earlier this week my dad was leaving the house and I yelled "Minä Rakastan Sinua" at him which means "I love you" and (sorry to call you out dad) this man who was raised by a Finnish mother responded to me with some weird hand motion and "Rubik's cube supa super" HAHA good effort dad. I guess rubik's cube supa super means I love you. And of course that's what we've been saying before bed all week in the Johnson household.

I met my district this week. IN PERSON!!!! Not everyone though :( Sadly I have yet to hug Sisar Blaser. BUT I did get some pretty great hugs from the other sisars in my district and two solid handshakes from the elders. 6 out of the 10 were able to fly to LA on wednesday to meet at the Finnish consulate for our residency permits aka visas but don't say that to the consulate workers. It was so awesome getting to see everyone in person. My height assumptions were way off.

I successfully adulted on this trip and it was kinda weird. Definitely a weird and sad foreshadow hugging my mom goodbye and walking through security. But despite my fears I was able to fly alone (not my first time but that doesn't make it easier - plans are scary) I wasn't sitting by anyone so sadly no missionary experiences... thanks covid you suck. Then in LA I met up with Sisar Watson after like 30 minutes of confusion and we had to take an uber to the consulate. First timer right here and it went super well... with the first driver. The second one on the way back to the airport was SKETCH. We got out and Sisar Watson told me she thought she was gonna die and I felt the same way. This man did not know how to ease on the brakes or change lanes. My flight was delayed last minute for like an hour so I didn't get to bed till almost midnight but that's okay it felt like old times...minus the friends... and prank wars...and listening to music in the car...and energy... okay maybe not the same. I was actually really tired the next day but it was good practice for how exhausted I'll most likely be in Finland. Missionary work is hard but oh so good!!

A couple recent highlights:
1. A boy who I had highschool seminary with (feels so long ago) was in one of my MTC wide meetings. Back in seminary he was struggling with his testimony and would sit in the back of the room with his head down when he wasn't interrogating the teacher. He's a different person now. It was so cool to see him years later as a missionary answering questions and sharing insights. Major testimony builder for me of the change that the gospel can make in people's lives. I was so happy for him and it was so good to see him smiling.
2. Remember our Cereal Chit Chat talk show? Well... I guess the district loved it so much that some of the other sisars started another chit chat with Quesadillas. TRENDSETTERS BABY
3. Update on me and Sisar B... We love finger gun dancing and disney karaoke and we had a birthday celebration for a kid we don't really know. She's a party and I still love her to death.

If you haven't watched the prophet's message of hope yet GO NOW! It was so good and brought me so much peace. It's on the He challenged us all to flood social media with gratitude and to give thanks to God through prayer. I'm taking these invitations and I hope you will too. I know that President Nelson is a prophet of God and God is leading His church at this time. He speaks today through His prophet and what he is telling us now is that gratitude comes before the miracle. Please go watch the message, it truly is a message of hope.

I love y'all! Hope you have the best week
Sisar Johnson

1) Me and my mama pre-adulting for a day
2) The district with photoshopping by yours truly (Vanhin Förnes is our favorite old man)
3) Dog show and tell during episode 2 of cereal chit chat with the sisars
4) Mine and Sisar Blaser's birthday celebration for unnamed boy
5) This week's art masterpiece... caricatures of the district


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