August 24, 2021




Taia Wolfe

Hugs for the win

You know when people talk about relationships and say that the person they're with they'll either marry or go through a terrible breakup? That's how I feel about our friend. He's either gonna get baptized or we're gonna be left crying about his potential if he doesn't decide to be baptized. I'm hoping for the first option. He's amazing. I've never met anyone more interested in just learning than him. Everything interests him. He came to our other friend's baptism this week and spent hours with us and members afterwards. Speaking of... our friend got baptized this week!!! He's awesome and it was such a special day. God has truly blessed me with the areas that He has assigned me to serve in. 3 baptisms in 3 transfers is not my doing and I am so grateful for the prepared people He has sent my way and allowed me to be a part of their start.

On another note I just want y'all to know the testimony I have of priesthood power. It's real. God shows us His hand through the hands of others. I received my first priesthood blessing in Finland this week. It was very much needed and brought me the peace I had been looking for. God knows His children. A friend once told me to let Him talk to you through priesthood blessings so I'm passing the good advice along. If you're struggling with questions, if you're looking for peace or if you just want to know and feel the love your Father in Heaven has for you, ask for a priesthood blessing.

Another cool Finland first. I got to watch a mission call opening for one of the legends here in Finland. No it was not in Finnish sadly the call was in English but it was really cool.

Since Hämeenlinna means Hämeen castle and we have a castle down the street from our apartment, naturally that calls for the medieval time lovers to hold a festival at the end of the summer. So we went. It's called the Keskiaikafestivaali and it's way cool. Kinda like the renaissance festival in AZ but less extreme. EVERYONE dressed up though and there were shops and food and the castle had jousting and fencing shows in the courtyard. It was pouring all weekend which brought the fog and Sis Wolfe loves when there's fog around the castle. It was really fun and we met some cool people.

I made an old man cry this week. Well not really me, I blame the spirit. I felt it too. We had apartment checks yesterday and the senior couple asked us our names. They only speak finnish no english. They commented that my name is Swedish and sounds familiar. I asked them if they went to the temple often before covid. They said yes and I told them who my grandparents are. That sent them on a tangent "oh my goodness yes we know them! How are they? You speak finnish really well for how long you've been out. Oh my goodness you can go home and speak just Finnish to your grandparents. Did they teach you before?" I looked over at this brother and he had tears welling behind his glasses about to stream down his face. Just a little tender mercy to me about the gift and miracle of my call to Finland. I feel it. The Finns feel it and the spirit testifies of it every time I tell someone I have Finnish blood.

In other happy news, I got a hug this week. My friends know I was never a huge hugger with anyone other than my family but when you go to a country of reserved people like yourself and there's a worldwide pandemic, you learn to be grateful for every hug you get. It was 10 times more special this week because it was from a member of our ward I had just met for the first time.

Speaking of hugs, I'm about to go into hug central in a few hours. I can always count on my favorite girls in this mission to give me the needed hugs I dont get when Im away from my mama and family. Tomorrow we've got mission tour in Jyväskylä so we get to spend the night in Tampere with 2 of my past companions. It's gonna be a fun time.

The weather flipped a switch in one day over here and it's been rainy and cold for a week. We're pulling out all the sweaters now. (I pulled out a few in July because...arizona girl) It's nice to not have to use the fan at night but I dont think Im ready for winter yet.

I hope you all have the best week ever and you eat some good food hehe I love you and God loves you more!

Sisar keeks

You matter to Him
Keskiaika Festivaali
This horse didnt like me he kept turning away from me
In case you were wondering what it looks like where I live, here's the street where we catch the buses
Our friend's baptism!
Questionable outfits... don't worry it was for a video we made for our zone when they told us to wear blue to mission tour
Another questionable outfit for contacting in the streets. Sis Wolfe got a little performance after she told me I looked like a hip hop dancer hehe I was just cold and needed warm socks and a sweater


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