July 20, 2021




Taia Wolfe

It’s RAINING!!!!

This is the first time in a while I forgot to draft my email during the week so I'm really sorry if it's lame. But hey!! I miss yall! Haha I know they say it's bad for missionaries to be trunky but I've been trunky since the day I became a missionary. I just had life so good before. So many good people in my life so thanks for being you!! Thanks for brightening my life with your presence. BUT don't worry about me being trunky haha by trunky I'm just expressing my appreciation for home, I still love being a missionary with all my heart. It's called balance. I never thought that I would get to the point where I could be content here. Honestly. I knew I could do a mission but I genuinely worried I'd never be truly happy. My heart would be back in AZ with the people I love the most and I would just be here doing the Lord's work till my 18 months were up and I could finally go home. Yes I still count down the days... 9 more minutes if you were wondering... but I have been seriously surprised with the power God gives His missionaries when they ask for it. I've always been a little clingy when it comes to my family but this experience has been so good for me. I've lived on my own for 5 months and only calling home once a week. That's huge for me. It's taken a lot of prayer and talking myself into a positive mindset but I can confidently say that I love this experience. I love doing the Lord's work. It's HARD. I don't have words to describe how hard it has been but on the other hand I also don't have the words to describe how many miracles God has performed as He has put me through the refiners fire. I read a post this week and it's on my Facebook if you want to read the whole thing, but it was about how the process of refining silver works. The big summary is that the refiner never leaves. He is always sitting right next to the fire as the silver does its thing working to become what it has the potential to be. He never takes His eyes off that piece of silver. That's Christ. That's who He is 100% If there's one thing I've learned to never doubt, it's the sure fact that Jesus Christ is always there. Kid, Teen, Socially awkward not quite really an adult missionary, and eventually when I'm a parent, Jesus Christ will always be there watching me. He'll be there guiding my process. The fire is scary going into it and while you're in it the unbearable heat might make it hard to see but He is there. You'll always be proud you never gave up. Sometimes we just need to let Him do His thing in leading us so we can take the steps out of the fire and look back proud of the time we spent changing and becoming. There's no growth in your comfort zone (Thanks Mrs. B for that quote on your wall every year) What is life if there's nothing uncomfortable to push you towards growth.

Okay so here's what you're actually here for I know none of yall care about my scattered thoughts... We had a lot of lessons this week. One went 2 hours and another 3 hours. We had some good talks... in Finnish. I have been pushed so much being the older companion and my language is improving so much. I emailed my mission president in all finnish for the first time last week. Wild. This week I got to give a talk in church and that was crazy. I of course sent it to my mummo beforehand so she could make sure I didnt embarrass myself. Kiitos Mummo!! It went really well. We made a new friend this week and he wants to be baptized. He's 18 and seems to have had a rough life as far as we can tell. He brought his friend's mom with him and she's the one that told him about us. She cried alot and the spirit was so strong. I got to recite Joseph Smith's First Vision and it was really cool. Hopefully everything goes well and he can actually be baptised. He doesn't have a date yet, but we are teaching him twice this week.

We also had zone conference this week which was just basically the best excuse to hangout with some of my favorite missionaries. I got to spend the whole day with 3 of my MTC buds learning new things, eating, exploring Finland from a birds eye view on top of a tower and playing spikeball. Missions are full of so many good people. That's one of the greatest blessings that I have seen thus far into the fire. I love my people in this portion of my life. I don't know how long they'll stay, that's not entirely mine to determine but I'm grateful they're here. Also haha I missed my first train after zone conference :) This fiasco also involved losing an elder who got on the right train while our district got on the wrong one and got off last minute. Don't worry he was found eventually.

But anyways, be present in this stage of your life and choose to be happy. That's all I have to say. It's a choice. You can't control your circumstances. You can't control who's with you, but you can choose to be grateful for what is there. Jesus Christ is always there. The blessings that come from living His teachings are always there. Life changes based on what we need and we can either choose to adapt and be happy or hold on to what has already left and be searching for joy forever. I hope you choose happy.

Sorry this was so deep my mind just kinda took my fingers on a whole journey and I had absolutely no clue where I was going with this one.

BUT I love you and God loves you more!!
Sisar Johnson


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