June 29, 2021




Emmalee Larson

Hyvää Juhannusta!

Hey I'm back! Thanks for tuning in!

This week I burnt my waffles saying a prayer because I was hungry and impatient 🙃👍 Ate em anyways

On pday we were supposed to leave at 16.00 for a train to Espoo for return and report for sis val. As we walked up to the station in the rain there was an announcement that our train was cancelled. Sat on the phone forever with the APs and ended up talking an hour long bus to another town to catch the next train.
On that train a man almost slept on my shoulder while his phone charger was plugged in and laying on my lap... we made it to Espoo around 00.00 aka MIDNIGHT.
We stayed with the Espoo sisters and I crashed because I was not feeling good. I had no voice. Woke up the next morning feeling like someone played fruit ninja in my throat. Return and report was so good! I got to see a bunch of my friends. Talked to Sis Allred about our fourth of july plans and how were gonna do some illegal splits in Vaasa if pres doesnt send her my way next transfer. We took a train to a train and found out that our train was cancelled again. Got a coke, a patch for my backpack and something for brock and waited till the APs told us we should probably stay another night in Espoo. Took a train back to the sisters apartment. Got some keys thrown to us off a balcony and stayed the night with the sisters again. Woke up and got on a train. Got on another train. Realized our seats were in the pet cart and had googly eyes over a giant dog sitting by me. Finally made it back to Vaasa greasy and smelling terrible at 13.00 on Thursday.

We decided to clean the shower drain before we showered and pulled out enough hair to fill a 48 oz hydro. Thats my definition of adulting BARF

Ended our eventful week celebrating Juhannuspäivä the longest day of the year. We went grilling with an elderly couple and their daughter called from Utah. She told us all about the tradition where you pick 7 different wild flowers late that night and put them under your pillow. Supposedly you dream of your future husband. So we picked flowers with them. We also went on a walk across the longest bridge in Finland and got icecream. I love my Vaasa grandparents!!! Our mission president gave us permission to stay up till 00.00 and wake up at 8.00 the next day so we worked on our vbooks and pressed our flowers and slept on our bullet journals. I actually did dream that I was married to a guy with light sandy brown hair, a baby in a stroller and a melting tub of icecream... sounds pretty accurate to me. I love traditions. I might have to do this with my daughters. The second day of Juhannus we spent with a younger couple in our ward and a single returned missionary. It was so fun. We grilled again and roasted marshmellows. We went on a walk and missed the turn so we planned on walking around the whole lake. Eventually we ran into a man who talked to us just because. He found out where our car was and told us if we kept walking itd be another 2 hours on top of the 4 already. So this stranger gave us a ride. He was not interested in the church. Nice guy though. Hitchhiking as missionaries with members. I had a bouquet of wildflowers to press and the woman in our ward thought it was the funniest scene, us crammed in the backseat of a strangers car and me holding flowers. We made it back to our car without being murdered. Only got a million and one mosquito bites and ran into a snake on the trial that everyone yelled at me to get away from while I tried to take a picture.

Transfer calls are this friday!! Were for sure losing sis Larson. Other than that its up in the air and Ive got no strong feeling about leaving or not. We started a transfer board competition with the elders in our district to see who can guess the most right. We'll see how that goes. Everyone is getting into it.

We have been vbooking like none other. This transfer is crazy with 3 sets of the same pictures to put in the scrapbooks. Trios make vbooking interesting.

Were going grilling again today with the elders and to play frisbee golf. One last hurrah before the district explodes. Ive been with Larson, Noftle and Daniels for 4 months and Förnes for my whole 8 months as a missionary. Crazy. Big changes are coming.

I dont have a crazy spiritual thought this week, but I really liked Come Follow Me for last week. It talked about so many different things but I really focused on section 67 verse 10 "...strip yourselves from jealousies and fears, and humble yourselves before me..." me and my companions talked about this and I think that jealousy, fear and pride are paralyzing factors that keep us from progressing. We dont need to put ourselves above others to feel worthy, we just are. Our worth isnt dependent on someone else being less than us. Its not a pedestal to be achieved, its a divine trait to discovered within ourselves. When we hold on to our fears, we blind ourselves from the hope that Christ's atonement freely gives. And when we let pride into our hearts, we dont leave room for Christlike love. These three things are tools of the adversary and we all deal with one or a few, but they can be overcome. We have agency and prayer to help us through even the hardest internal struggles to keep progressing towards the light and relief of Jesus Christ's open arms.

Thats all folks! I love you and God loves you more!

Sis keeks


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