June 15, 2021




Emmalee Larson

So many good people

So I stepped in a weird plant last pday. We were playing frisbee golf and Im bad at it hehe and i threw mine off the trail. Like the tomboy, no problem, outdoorsy adventurer I like to pretend I am I just walked right into a patch of grass and instantly felt like something bit me. I dipped so fast (dont worry i retrieved the frisbee) and looked down at my ankle and there were a bunch of bumps on my foot and it was turning red and blue and holy Hannah it hurt. But Im fine it all went away before bed that night except the tingling :)

We went on splits in Tampere this week and it rained!!! You wanna know why? Because God knew I needed it. And because it rains on my best days and I just so happened to have the best lesson of my mission thus far. Ive had a lot of miracle lessons but this one was really special to me because it was such a relief and were not going to get into the why actually. It was just a really good lesson. Shout out to Sis Terry for co-teaming it with me. Love you girl! The rain was a big blessing and it brought the cool weather which we're loving.

I also got to see one of my very best friends who I havent seen in a few months. Elder Pabst remember him? He happened to also be on splits in Tampere the same weekend and you can ask my companions I was very excited when I heard that news. Its the best when you run into your friends unexpectedly. We got to have dinner together and catch up on all the details of life. Its so important to have good friends that give you something to look forward to.

That night we stayed up way too late telling ghost stories and I was so happy. We woke up only having gotten 3 hours of sleep and I was so happy all day. I thrive off of no sleep. We also recreated funny photos of the elders in our zone and made a video of it for the mission. I was ROLLING it was so funny.

We played ultimate frisbee and spikeball that morning and let me just put it here. Me and Sister Watson killed it. We were undefeated till our last game. Its always good to hangout with Sis Watson. Shes the breath of fresh air I need each transfer that goes by.

As for the spiritual, I read an amazing talk this week. Its from the womens session of conference but we all know that boys can learn from that too. Forget Me Nots are my second favorite flower next to pinky orange carnations. This talk was everything I needed to hear in the moment when I read it and I had just picked some wild forget me nots a few days before. Coincidence? I dont believe in those. Heres the link:

Also my mission president was featured on church news. Its a cool story if you wanna read:

Um also hehe... weve got a baptism set up for the 26th of june :))) we were referred to this lady by the sisters in Espoo. She was on baptismal date in 2019 but nothing came of it. We walked an hour to her house and got lost on the way (stupid satan) but we found our way to her and met her and she was the sweetest. Very long story short, she was feeling like Joseph Smith as she puts it and she didnt know which church to join. She prayed last week and the Espoo sisters felt prompted to call this lady they had never met. She told them they were the angels she needed but she lives in Vaasa now so we messaged her a week later and she was praying again and got our message immediately after. We got to know her for a little bit and brought her a Book of Mormon. She wanted to read Joseph Smith's testimony because she loves it. We did and she would stop us and say "This is so true." She would ask us "Can you feel that? God is with us, He is here." Or "Can you feel that? Im so cold. The spirit is here" It was such an amazing experience. She cried and thanked us for being her angels (earthly angels are real Im telling you) we told her she can feel the spirit even when were not in her home and she said "I want to be soon as possible." We were so surprised and she explained to us that she knows this is God's will even if its not hers. She knows that He's trying to protect her family. She asked us to pray that they can be protected and that the devil wont come. We had a lesson with her the next day and will be having so many for the next two weeks so shes ready for her baptism!!! Im so excited! She is so sweet and even gave us her daughters phone number to go visit her when were in Espoo this weekend. She said "Go tell my daughter her mom wants you to talk to her and say a prayer with her" So many miracles here in Vaasa! God's hand is in everything! So cool! Also every interaction with our new friend is in Finnish which means Ive had my first Finnish lesson!!!

It was pretty obvious I dont teach much in Finnish this week when I stopped a lady on the street wearing an Arizona shirt and said "Olet Arizonasta!" Pretty excitedly and she was confused. I repeated it and she spoke to me in english saying no no its just a shirt. Only after she left did I realize that instead of asking if she was from Arizona I was just repeatedly yelling at her "You are from Arizona!!!" Shouldve said "Oletko Arizonasta?" Dangit.

Haha I hope you were thoroughly entertained with this long email. I love you and God loves you more!


P.s. I got strawberry milk at the grocery store today and you could say Im probably the happiest girl in Vaasa right now. If youve ever seen the cartoon Charlie and Lola aka me and Brock, you'd understand why I love it so much!! Okay bye love yall :)

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