May 18, 2021




Emmalee Larson

Psych Ward


Trio life is interesting. Some personalities mesh at times and others dont. There's a lot going on in this apartment. But we stay positive and we're excited for this transfer.

This week has been a lot of paper work and explaining and filling in on stories and trying to get Sis V adjusted to life in Finland. Its cool being a trainer in my second transfer in the same area because I know what its like. I know what worked well and what I needed but never got. Its fun being the one getting to help someone new when the feelings of newness are so fresh but far enough gone that I actually know what Im talking about when I answer her questions.

We havent had very many lessons this week because we dropped all our friends last transfer. No one was keeping commitments or reading the Book of Mormon. So we are in the works of finding at the moment. We did get a referral this week though from a facebook ad. We called him immediately and he answered and was so sweet and sounded genuinely interested so we messaged him through text after and he ended up video calling us. We answered and he told us all about how hes in an institution and he wants to change. He has done some bad things to people but he has found God and he just wants to learn all he can from us. We usually get this far then they ask where were from and then drop the gospel talk and only ask about us. Thats sister life for you. But when he asked where were from and we answered he got right back to gospel questions. We were really excited. He wanted to say a prayer for peace with us and we said we could mail him a Book of Mormon. He said he wants to call everyday to say a prayer together. So the next day we set up a time to call. He had a friend with him and his friend told us that hes skitzophrenic and our friend asked us to tell him something uplifting. Before we could they said they had something to deal with and hung up. We looked up his address on google maps. Originally when I looked at it the first time there was nothing there. We thought he maybe had some violence issues and the institution he was talking about was a prison but this time we looked up psych wards in Vaasa and his address came up. He called us back and we said a prayer together with his friend. Then hung up. We are trying to figure out how to go about this because he seems all there and hes really interested in learning. He asks good questions. We cant figure out why hes in a psych ward other than maybe anger issues. I think its best to just keep praying with him everyday. He likes it and says it brings him peace for a portion of his day. Ill keep yall posted on what happens. And to my grandmas dont worry im safe haha we only video call him and say a prayer thats it.

We drove out to the longest bridge in Finland this week and explored the shoreline with the elders. Laughed a ton with them. I love our district.

We also got to watch the formation of the new stake in Finland which is a big deal! We spent the whole time laughing though because the speaker was really loud and energetic and kept cutting off the translator and our mission president was cracking up sitting behind him. We love Prez K!

Its been a rough week not gonna lie but im grateful. The hard weeks are always the weeks i feel closest to God because i truly have no where else to turn. On a particularly hard day this week i escaped to our balcony to say a prayer for peace and found myself not closing my eyes but staring at the beautiful cloud covered gray sky as i laid all my crazy out before the Lord. It was perfect. I would highly suggest looking towards the heavens and God's beautifully painted sky every once in a while when you go to pray. I've always felt a connection with the sky and I havent had much time to sit still and watch from this side of the world. The clouds that night were amazing.

I love you and God loves you more! God loves all of His children and He is ready to perform miracles in your life if you put your faith in Him and His son.

P.s. This week was a break through for the language if you were wondering how thats going. I got a couple messages and comments in finnish that i understood without google translate. My prayers are in all finnish now. I actually really like speaking which is huge because i used to get so frustrated with the language.

Thats all.

Sisar Keeks

1. The gang
2. My angel mama sent me the best package of my favorite pens that I desperately wanted
3. Omar munkki
4. Living out my Gossip Girl dreams of eating on the steps in the city
5. Running to the store in the rain for pazookie ingredients
6. Watching our mission president speak during the stake broadcast
7. Loud speaker, hard core finn, and our mission president making us laugh in the background... he was laughing too before this, thats just his resting face
8. Heart shaped pazookie for the win!!


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