May 3, 2021




Emmalee Larson

“I’m not afraid anymore”

Hey y'all

You ready for some news?.....
WERE STAYING IN VAASA!!!! and by we I mean me and Sister Larson...were staying. Its us. Oh and also the whole district. Minus one elder whos going home. So we're adopting one new brother. (We've started calling them our brothers now) As I'm writing this email haha I have so much energy. We just got done with come follow me as a district and my body kept jerking from the hiccups I had from laughing so hard but it looked so funny on the video so I laughed even harder. I think the elders might've been a little scared of the energy I had cuz Im normally pretty chill around them. It was a fun time though. Come Follow Me for this week was really good. I loved reading about the ten virgins in Matt 25:6 and comparing it to the almost identical verse in D&C 45:45. We need to be ready. Verses 39 and 50 were so good. Everyone hopes for something, the difference is what you place your hope in. Are you looking forth for the Lord to come or are you watching for iniquity? You decide. I also really loved the descriptions of Zion. I want to be there. Verse 58 made my future mama heart so happy. All I can hope for is a life where my "children shall grow up without sin unto salvation" I think the idea of building Zion is so special and necessary. If Zion was a place for us to just gather to, it wouldn't be guaranteed to affect us. But since Zion is something we can build in our homes, something we have the ability to create, an atmosphere we can take with us, it is guaranteed to at least be a safe haven for those who participate in nurturing it. I have definitely felt the worry of raising kids in this world and I'm far from being a mom (Other than having names for my kids already) But if there's nothing else we can do to protect our kids, we can atleast build Zion in our homes. We can take all the precautions to keep satan out. Obviously don't be a tyrant, trust your kids and let them use their agency, but help them feel safe and loved in the place that is meant for them to grow and develop the most. Okay sorry for the mom rant. I'm so excited to be a mom.

This week we got to celebrate a Finnish holiday!!! Vappu!! I don't really know what it is, something about the first day of May or Spring but everyone wears their graduation caps and parties. We were invited by a couple in our ward to go grilling. We hiked 4km (I think... I don't know how far that is... the metric system confuses me) and roasted sausage and wings at a beautiful little hut in the "jungle" our friend who came with us calls the forest the jungle. We weren't expecting the amount of snow up there so we froze a little bit but survived. It was so fun! We wore traditional ribbons (I think) and I tried potato salad for the first time and we had homemade donuts and a traditional drink called sima which I hate cuz it tastes like my tonsil surgery medicine. NASTY. Speaking of...if you know what tonsil stones are I'm so sorry for you. I just found out this week and I'm scarred.

Other than that we did our first service of the transfer and nailed rope into a wall as crown molding at a ward members summer cottage. And had district council in Seinäjoki where I ate the biggest burger I've ever eaten. Fun times with our brother elders.

Me and Sister Larson hugged for the first time this week. Starting off the new transfer right haha

I love you and God loves you more!
Sis Johnson

1) Our handy work
2) The pretty lake on Vappu
3) Hyvää Vappua!!!
4) We were given a million pastries on Vappu
5,6,7) I love the ocean here in Finland!!!! (Not in California tho... Only Finland and Mexico)
8) Making cookies in the basement of the Seinäjoki church that used to be an old bank


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