April 20, 2021




Emmalee Larson

You think I don’t know a butt load of crap about the gospel but I do

Welcome back to another weekly I'm your host Kenley Johnson and today we've got a recap of my crazy adventures here in Vaasa, Finland. To start off the week, we went shopping and I finally got myself a super basic fjällräven kånken backpack but dont worry I had good reason. Shoulder bags move too much when I walk and backpacks make me happy. I made sure it was the happiest of oranges and I'm planning on getting patches for it from every area I serve in. Sadly tho I got roasted later in the week by one of my favorite elders who recognized I finally got a new backpack and seemed happy for me till I turned around and he shouted NOOOOOOO then proceeded to tell me how stereotypical my backpack is. I love it :)

In other news I ate two slices of pizza that were the size of a normal freezer pizza each and had meat on it that's illegal in the US. I love being a missionary. While I was stuffing my face I simultaneously managed to unintentionally roast one of the elders who's a UVA fan. I didnt mean to I swear. I was just talking to one elder about how cool ASU is and I had just met him so I said oh thank heavens you're not a UVA fan and then it hit me that one of the elders is so I turned and looked at him and we just stared at each other and laughed for a good solid 2 minutes. Whoops. Atleast he can laugh about being wrong. Go him!

Here's a fun little story: In Finland when you're new to country you have 2 government forms you have to fill out and take to 2 different places. I didnt know anything about it so here I am 2 months in and finally doing it. I had it scheduled for wednesday and as missionaries we pray before we leave our apartment everyday. We don't usually pray to meet people as we walk although we probably should. This time I did which made sis L think to grab a Mormonin Kirja (Finnish Book of Mormon) We started our long walk and no one said hi back to us. We found a wall I matched perfectly and my appointment went well. Then we saw a dock and I love docks haha so we sat on it for a while and talked. Then as we were walking home we decided to take a different way. This led to us meeting the cutest old man. We passed him on the cross walk and I said "moi!" To which he smiled and stopped us in the middle of the road. Luckily there were no cars because we talked there for a good solid 15-20 minutes. He's 90 years old and from a part of Finland that is now Russia. He asked us if we were finnish. Sis L said no were not and he looked at me and said you're finnish. He told us he knows Jesus and long story short we gave him the book, got his number and he told us "I like you girls, you're God's women" He was the sweetest man. He told us his phone number in english because he wanted to try even though we would have understood his finnish. He squinted his eyes really hard and took a couple seconds to think between each number. We were on a sunshine high all day. Called him later in the week and he thought we were his nurses. We laughed so hard.

Anyways I love my district. I love Vaasa. I love being a missionary. I didnt proof read this email cuz we were so busy today so dont roast me please if I said something stupid. I love you

Also I gave my first talk in Finnish this week and it went way better than expected.

I love you and God loves you more!!

Sis Johnson

1) Some of the district on a chair today during our hike at Edvinin Polku
2) On a dock during a little detour. I love docks!!!
3) Found a pickup truck. Freaking Europe and their smart cars
4) Cleaned the baptismal font again for the elders friends baptism
5) A statue from our walk today
6) We love Docs too


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