April 5, 2021




Emmalee Larson

Real Talk

Okay I'm starting to draft this on friday night in my 9 o'clock hour which is our break time as missionaries at night before bed. I just want to start this week's email with some real talk. Missions are flipping hard. They are. I get told all the time that I'm so strong and that I'm a ray of sunshine, but that's not how it really is most of the time. Most nights I'm crying myself to sleep because of something rude someone said to me or because I miss my parents and have no one to talk to, but I know for a fact that God is real and He loves His children. Jesus Christ lives and He is the most selfless, charitable person to ever walk the earth. I am so grateful for my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to know that Jesus Christ knows the feelings I can't put into words. He understands. When I am struggling and frustrated and can't call the few people in my life who understand, I can pray. I can kneel down and pour my heart out to the one who created my heart and even if I never get an answer to the reason behind my struggles, I can feel peace. I can know that I am not alone and I'm understood by someone whose only desire is to help me feel loved. I've talked about angels before and I'm gonna say it again, they are real and they are heaven sent. I am grateful for my parents who message me exactly when I'm at my breaking point and for aunts who email me when I'm in tears that they are thinking about me. Sometimes we can't be the light for others that we once were, but we can recharge our lights through Christ and He helps us do that through the lights of others. It's a daily struggle this life we're living, but I wouldn't trade the hard for an easy road. In the words of my dad, "you wouldn't grow or appreciate it." Life needs contrast no matter how much it really sucks sometimes. And in the times of contrast both the Good and the Bad, I am grateful for my Savior, my Redeemer, my Prince of Peace and ultimately my Brother who suffered for me and continues to suffer with me. Who rejoices with me. And who died so that one day when the time is right, after many many many spiritual miles of holding my hand, we can make it together to my prepared place, prepared by Him, in the celestial mansions of our Father in Heaven. I have hope in the hard times because Jesus Christ radiates hope. It's past Easter by the time I've sent this and past General Conference when we've been able to hear messages from Jesus Christ through His earthly servants, but my invitation to you all is to let Him be in your life always. He wants to be. Let Him walk you home. Life is so much brighter with Jesus Christ in it. We don't just need Him in the big moments, when someone or something reminds us of Him. We need Him everyday, in every interaction, in every decision, in every thought. If we want to be happy in this life we don't need to try for the impossible, don't try to make your circumstances perfect, that would be fighting against God's plan for you. Do what is possible and take Christ's outstretched hand in yours. Let Him wrap His arms around you and be your advocate as you pray to your Heavenly Father in His name. And when you come to points when it feels like the pain and frustration is too much to bear, give it all to Him, let Him carry you. Jesus Christ is the answer. He is the source of healing and rejoicing, the source of all good in this life.

Here's a few things I read this week that helped me to see how much Jesus Christ loves us:
Alma 34:15-16, 17-27
Mormon 9:27
I Know That My Redeemer Lives (Read the lyrics like a poem)
D&C 19:16-19
D&C 45: 3-5

Jesus Christ is so good. That is what I got from this week, from studying, from conference, from my personal experiences, from just plain living. Jesus Christ is in the details if you look for Him. He's always right next to you.

On a funnier note welcome to the weird inner thinkings of Sisar Johnson: I think when my stake prez blessed me with the gift of tongues God thought it would be a funny joke to bless me with the ability to like every food I try here instead of giving me the ability to learn the language. I've been trying everything under the sun and have liked all the things I wouldn't dare eat back at home. Pretty good blessing if you ask me.

I love you and God loves you more!

P.S. we got more snow this week... God is really just playing one big dad joke on us with this weather here in Finland. It was completely clear this morning.

P.P.S. We won the zone goal again hehe

1) We´re making a restoration video stay tuned
2) Conference at the church
3) A member in our ward asked me to cut her hair. She was so happy about it
4) Speaking Finnish all day burns us out
5) More conference
6) WE SAW A PINK SUNSET!!! I was a happy girl


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