March 30, 2021




Emmalee Larson

Struggle Bus 101

Hello!!! It was a learning week so lets get into it...

For 1000 points in the zone goal my companion and I only spoke in Finnish to each other...for the whole week... we won tho hehe. Its been so good for my Finnish. The language is engrained in my brain now. I think in Finnish and its hard to remember to speak english sometimes when we have an english lesson.

ALSO Im pretty sure when i was saying the closing prayer at church this week instead of saying we're grateful that we could listen to church today i said were grateful we could DIE at church today. I may have spoken for a week in Finnish but its still flipping hard and Im far from fluent. Yay for funny mistakes getting broadcasted to multiple cities across finland! :)

But heres something cool I learned from a friend of ours this week. In his broken english he said (woah i almost wrote that last part in finnish im not lying when i say its stuck in my brain now) anyways... he said "Be grateful for what you have for long time except for what just appears and you have attraction"
Translation: (be grateful for what youve had for a long time instead of the attractive things that just appear for a short time)

These are my constants:
- a loving, supportive family
- The Book of Mormon

I feel so blessed to have both of these constants in my life. A while ago a member of our branch presidency said that the things in our life that are repetitive are the things God wants us to focus on. Why do we take the sacrament ever week? Is it so we can hear the prayer every week? What does the prayer tell us? To remember Jesus Christ and take His name upon us which means trying our best to be like Him. God wants us to remember Jesus Christ.

The constants are often blessings that we overlook or take for granted, but they are the greatest insight into God's plan for us. Theyre the blessings He wants us to focus on. What can you learn from your constants?

You might be thinking well yeah Kenley but what about my constant struggles? I know everyone on this email is going through a different stage in life. Whether they be constant blessings or constant struggles, God is trying to teach you something and the struggles sprout blessings too. Sometimes we are given flowers and sometimes were given a seed that needs some growing and that requires breaking first. One of my favorite quotes is "anyone can love a rose but it takes a lot to love a leaf. Its ordinary to love the beautiful but its beautiful to love the ordinary." Learning to love the process of becoming is a beautiful gift that very few people achieve in this life because they are so caught up in the way things "should be." Focus on the way they are. Be present. Make yourself happy. Dont wait for something to come. Live life now. Get excited about the hope of a leaf sprouting from the seed youve been given to grow.

So many things happened this week, so many good things, and so many hard things as well that will live in my journal. I like to keep it real in these emails and tell yall about my struggles but I also think its important to focus on the good, so thats what I have for you this week. A peptalk about flowers, leaves and constants. Keep trusting in God is what I would sum it all up as. God knows you best and He's the giver of knowledge. Trust His plan. Trust His process. Trust that things are often better when theyre authentic rather than steriotypical. Isnt it funny how we all subconciously want what is steriotypical? Rather than living in your natural subconcious, try being intentional this week. Try to find your constants and give thanks to God for the blessings that you never really had to ask for. Theyre there i can promise you that! God is good. He is our loving father in heaven and everything He does is for our growth and benefit.

If no one has told you yet I'll be the first, I hope you have an awesome week!
I love you and God loves you more!

Sisar keeks

P.s. I GOT AN ART JOB AS A MISSIONARY!!! I was asked to design the logos and highlight bubbles for the Finland mission social media accounts. God is aware of us individually I know it!

Also Finland is getting a new stake!!!! This is huge. The last big thing in Finland churchwise happened 15 years ago. We now have 3 stakes and ITS SO EXCITING!!!

1) I made lettuja for my comp. SO GOOD
2) I made banana bread for the first time (we eat alot haha)
3) When the elders send a charcoal face mask pic to the chat we send an actual face mask pic to the chat because we think were funny
4) I got to listen to Cutler sing on sunday <3
5) The best text to get from our elders in Rovaniemi after we won the zone goal this week (in morse code...were learning cuz the elders only speak in morse code in the chat)


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